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Decrease in movement

I'm 22+2 and have been feeling baby since very early on. Over last few movements kicks have been very strong and in a regular pattern. For the last few days movements have decreased quite a bit and they are weaker than they were too. It's most likely just that he's turned around isn't it? He's still very small, at our scan he was ultra lively but I could only feel some of them. He is still moving so I'm not ultra worried but I think tbh all us 2nd tri girls have been a little shaken


  • Also had a really busy, tiring end of last week which might have something to do with it. Just after a little reassurance that at this stage it's normal to have periods where movement changes!!
  • If you are at all worried, the movements are not the norm for your baby I would call the maternity for reassurance. It's not worth the risk x

  • Thanks LR. I know what's id say to anyone else who asked the same. I think if he's not back to his usual self over night tonight I'll call in the morning.
  • At one of my scans the sonographer was saying how wriggly my baby was. I couldn't feel any of the movements! This time I have a anterior high placenta which seems to be cushioning a lot of my movements. With my last child I was worried about movements, contacted my MW. She saw me that day- it was very reassuring.

  • I'd call the MW if it's still feeling iffy tomorrow but just to reassure you, around 24/26 weeks my baby turned and the movements felt very different and were harder to feel, so I'm sure it's probably the same (still lots of room for them to change how they're lying!) Let us know how you get on tomorrow though!

  • Yes, call the mw, but in the meantime there's the ice water or fruit juice trick. Drink, lay down in dark room on your left and wait. See what reaction you get? I can't yet count on movements because it was facing in to my back for a long while so the impact was almost none. I get some now but don't use it as any benchmark (yet). Although I have a friend's doppler if I start to panic, that was really useful a couple of weeks ago, only the third time I used it in about 2 months.

    I won't tell you not to worry, that'd be stoopid coming from me! x

  • I'm sure that he's just moved around. It's just the sudden change from the really strong movements in a regular pattern that's worried me a bit. I have felt him this evening since posting, but not as strongly. I call the mw in the morning to be sure. Have rescan on Thursday and mw Friday anyway this week but don't want to worry all week.
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