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**TTC Weds**

Morning all

Happy hump day. Luckily for me I have Friday off as we are going to a wedding so only today and tomorrow to go. CD13 for me. I'm not really tracking OV but I expect it will just have happened or will be soon. I had some mild cramps yesterday so I think it'll be around now. We have covered it fairly well I think *TMI* we have DTD five times in the last five days so fingers crossed for this month.

Hi to all who follow.


  • Morning

    Rosco - def sounds like you have it covered, fingers crossed!

    Afm CD27 8dpo. Back ache from yest so think AF on her way, due Tuesday

    Hi to all that follow :)

  • Hi Ladies,

    Rosco - Good work lol! Sounds like you're covered.

    Cooper - I hope af isn't on her way fingers crossed for you, I hate the stage of the cycle where you are now I hope you cope better than I normally do!

    AFM - CD1 af finally showed up last night after 4 days of spotting, really annoyed about the spotting as the last few months it had been much better at just over 2 days. So now on cycle 13, number 13 unlucky for some......

  • Morning all!

    Rosco - excellent work - fingers crossed this is your cycle!

    Cooper - hope you're wrong - in the nicest possible way x

    Lulu - hope you break the unlucky 13! Saw your post on yesterday's thread - Dubai sounds lovely for a nice relaxing holiday.

    AFM - FF changed my ov date today and moved it to a day earlier so I'm now 8DPO (CD19) and I had a massive temp drop, well below the cover line so I think I'm out. Only cycle 1 of proper TTC so no worries yet :-)

  • Afternoon girls x

    Rosco - Fingers crossed for this cycle for you x

    Cooper - Lets hope it is AF signs and we have a positive soon x

    LuLu - It's only unlucky for some,  you may be one of the ones who aren't x

    Tayto - You aren't out until the fat lady sings x

    AFM - CD8 I think so in no mans land at the moment but still covering all basis! Did anyone sign up for the clearblue trial and recieved the packs? What was in them as I have missed a call and wondering if it is worth me calling them back.

  • Mrs-T - I signed up for it and, after I'd sent in the form, they called me back. I missed the first one so they tried again and, this time, they discussed my cycles; asked loads of questions and then advised me they were sending out the pack on the 20th. I got it the next day and it's quite a large bundle! I would call them back but I wouldn't worry too much as they will want you to start on CD1 so you have a bit of time yet! Plus, the pack arrives very quickly!

  • Tayto - Hope your temp drop doesn't mean you're out, did I read somewhere you could get an implantation dip?!

    MrsT - Almost at the good bit

    I'm not holding out much hope of breaking the unlucky 13, just want to have the tests done now to find out why it isn't happening I hate the not knowing and not being in control.

    I haven't seen veecee since the weekend I hope she is ok. Also haven't seen Enjayee for ages, hope she is doing ok as well! x

  • I have called and they are sending out all info for me to return. So fingers crossed that I recieve it and don't need it, but I think I will with the amount of stress I have had the past few days!

    LuLu - I think the lack of control make it so hard.

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