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hi were can i get single beds from dont no were to start i have looked on ikea and argos were eles can i look  thanks jade


  • tesco direct is quite good, my mum just got a lovely pink metal beadstead with hearts and swirly patterns in the headboard for my very little sister with a mattress for £110. not sure what boys ones they offer but there fairly reasonable, or wilkinsons (you can now shop online) thats good for basic blue beds a friend got one a while back
  • ooh wilko online that sounds quite good!!

    I would have thought Ikea,argos and tesco direct would pretty much cover it really. You could try the out of town stores such as bensons for beds we got ours from Harveys I think. You can usually get quite good deals in the bigger stores cos they are keen to sell you something!

  • I would think ikea has the best choices though. They even have bunkbeds that can be used as single beds and you can attach the other bunk later. I'm sure it was ikea that I saw that on, I could be wrong. Either way, I"ll let you know if I find anything in the magazines.
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