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Getting healthy/Losing weight before TTC?


Hubby and I want to start TTC in September, as I want to lose a couple of stone before then. I start at Slimming World tomorrow as a first step...

Just wondered if there was anyone out there in a similar situation?

Hope all is good!


  • Me!

    I should be starting IVF in the next few months. The success rate is so much higher if your BMI is normal, and mine is just in the overweight now. Ideally I'd like to lose a stone at least.

  • Hi. We started ttc in feb but I've only just joined weight watchers. Was meaning to join at the start of the year but never quite got round to it. I'd also like to lose a couple of stone (post wedding weight)

  • I've lost a stone since start of the year by tracking my calories on myfitnesspal app on my phone. I did it religiously for 4.5 months but I have slacked a bit this month and have gained a couple of lbs. Probably should get back on track but its quite nice not having to worry and my food choices are definitely better now than they were before :)

  • Hi, I'm trying lose a bit of weight before we start TTC in August. I've managed to lose 9 lbs which, according to my wii fit, takes me from the obese into the over weight catergory for my BMI. I keep finding it really hard to motivate myself. I was probably at my heaviest when I got pregnant with my daughter but I really want to give myself the best possible chance. Good luck all of you trying to lose weight x

  • Maybe we could have a weight loss thread? It seems a few of us are wanting to track weight loss in the hope it may help is in the TTC area? What do you all think?

    I don't really want to advertise how much i weight and all that, but it may be a good motivation? Feel free to say no and that it has nothing to do with this bit of the forum tho if you want to :)

    I have been doing Weight Watchers (the old discover points), since January and have lost 2 stone, i could have done more but i have let myself down on exercise.

    Like Blackkat - i too was at my heaviest when i got pregnant last year but whilst i am not pregnant, im going to make the most of it and try and get my body the best it can be,


  • Morning All!

    I joined Weight Watchers in Jan and lost the 10lbs I put on after our wedding but have kind of stalled. I bought and exercise bike the other day to try and kick start it again as we'll be actively TTC in August.... I now watch Sex in the City whilst on the bike but that just makes me want to go out, buy some shoes and have cocktails! Hmm different viewing choice on the bike is needed I think.

  • Im up for a ttc weight loss thread. Brill idea suzelton.

    I gave a lot to lose and once I get home from my summer hols I'll be following the strictly 600 cal Exante diet

  • H and I are both trying to lose a bit of weight, bit the bullet and weighed myself this morning and I am officially overweight according to BMI. H was the bad influence for a long time buying loads of junk food but now I've got him on board things should start improving. We are both thinking of joining Slimming World and we got a groupon voucher for 2 months gym membership for both of us so will be joining next week.

  • I would be up for a thread. Ive recently lost 4 inches off my waist but Im still at my fattest. Have 2 stone to lose.

    Yesterday I made out a weekly meai planner and weekly exercise planner. Being structured and prepared really helps.

    Ive not been eating after 7pm and going to bed earlier which helps on several levels ;)

  • I would also be up for a weight loss thread. I usually weigh must on a monday morning. I use my fitness pal and lost 13 pounds (1lb off a stone grr!) by the time I went on hol but put 4lb back on whilst away.

    I could do to lose a stone or so! X

  • Fab!

    I shall start one at lunch time then!x

  • I also want to lose about a stone. I started back healthy eating yesterday but it went wrong when i got home from work and had a pita bead, a flapjack and a chocolate bar before dinner. oops.

    Dinner was ok tho! chicken, carrot and swede mash and veg with gravy. yum.

  • I have plenty too loose and going to start mid june too loose some weight, I did really well up until last year, I lost 2.5 stone on slimming world.. So hopefully going to go back on that and try again

  • So, I had my first Slimming World session tonight, and got weighed for the first time in 6 months. I nearly fainted - I am morbidly obese. I want to get my BMI down to 35, but can't find a calculator that tells me what weight I would need to be. I have bought a 12-week countdown, which will take us to 2 weeks before TTC starts, and I want to lose 2 stone by then. Ambitious, but there we go.

    Ideally, I want to lose, in total 3 1/2 stone, but that won't happen before the start of TTC.I'll keep trying to lose it once we do start trying as that will help, won't it?

    So, I am now planning my meals for the next few days...Gah!

    Good luck everyone!

  • Every little helps :)

    I , like you, want I get my bmi down too.

    Don't get down about to too much, it's a new start :)

    Join the weight loss thread for support, we are all in it together!


  • Thanks Suzie! Feeling a little emotionally fragile this morning...but food is going well, so far...

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