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I need a slap & a reality check please ladies

So this cycle has ended really strangely (or next begun strangely), I've spotted for more days then usual then I had 2 days where it still seemed liked spotting (bloody cm) & then only 1 day of proper bleeding before trailing off to nothing. I know in the rational part of my brain that even though it's a weird start to my af it's a start but I had a niggling doubt in head that I didn't want to start taking my epo or similar if it wasn't definitely the start. So, yes you've guessed it, in my over tired state (toddler with chest infection who's given me a stinking cold & has been up in the night regularly this week)  I decided to do a hpt just an ic. After a minute it was clear it was negative so my rational head told me to throw it & go to my already awake toddler. Skip ahead a few hours & yes, (hangs head in shame) I fished it out of the bathroom bin & it now has a 2nd line on it (although it's a strange line that halfway across curves & nearly meets the control line.

Please, please, please remind me that I'm being silly & that there is absolutely no way that it could be positive & I need to pull my head out of the sand,

Thanks Embarrassed



  • No slaps from me, the body can do stupid things that messes with our heads. I'd be inclined to test again just to be sure but that first test sounds like it was a dodgy one xx

  • Thanks DS, I don't even know why I did a test but it was supposed to tell me that it was definitely all in my head. Stupid test!!

  • So now I've been googling (I know, I know) & a lot are talking about evaporation lines that are usually grey but this line is definitely pink. Can I post a pic or should I just bin it & try again tomorrow.

  • Maaaaybe post a little picture? Then you can bin it! x

  •   Ok, it's faded since I looked at after lunch (been trying to get it out of my head) but it's still clearly there, even if it is a little crazy!!

  • That's so strange, it's definitely pink so shouldn't be evaporation, was it in the bin with anything wet that could've smudged it?  Just googled 'curved second line on pregnancy test' and there's lots of similar stuff but no one ever writes the conclusion! How long did the test sit for before you threw it in the bin?

  • It only sat out for 1 min then I put it back in the plastic packaging it comes in & the bin is fairly empty so hasn't been next to anything wet. It's all weird. I just wished I checked it within the time frame. I'm 99.9% sure it must be negative but part of me is obviously still clinging to the incredibly unlikely!

  • How frustrating! Fingers crossed for when you test tomorrow!!

  • It's defo a link line so not an evap line. There actually really rare anyways. Saying that, something isn't right with the test as you've said with the curved line.

    IMO- I'd be testing again. I'd need to know if it was a dodgy test or a bfp. At this stage it could be either. Loads of luck that it's a bfp!

  • No slaps from me either! The line is definitely pink, I don't know anything about curved lines. I would test again just to be sure. Fingers crossed!

  • Thanks ladies, really don't want to get my hope up as it seems strange timing wise. As it was a bit after the time limit I'm really not sure. Will retest in the morning

  • I agree with the others. It's not an evaporated line but it does seem like there is something wrong with the test because the line is curved. I'd do another test either tonight or in the morning for a definitive answer (if it was me I couldn't sleep so I'd have to do it tonight lol). Best of luck. I'll be waiting for your update xxx

  • How confusing! It’s definitely pink and quite obvious, the only thing I would say is it looks a little too close to the control line? And obviously the curve is weird. Hope tomorrow brings you some answers!

  • Thanks ladies,

    I've just remembered that of course I don't have to wait until the morning to test! Just went to test & of course I can't go now. I guess this is a bit too late to test but I still might before I go to bed. Will update either way (although it seems really silly & I'm sure I'm not actually pregnant).

  • Blackkat I would test again tonight. You will keep waking up and have a really bad nights sleep otherwise I bet.

  • It was a BFN tonight, it's what I thought I'd originally get. Slightly confused by the 1 I did this morning but it must have been a faulty 1. Back to ttc again

  • Sorry it was a BFN x

  • Sorry Blackkat xxxxx

  • I'd be testing again tonight.  Everything crossed x

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