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im back and have a question

Hello all, I joined back in november after a really long break away but I ended up in hospital with gall stones so have been recovering from my op! Anyway I just downloaded a new period tracker app and i realised that my af has a pattern, one month I bleed for 3 days then the next month I bleed for 2 days then the next month I bbleed for 4 days then 3 again and so on. Ive tracked for the last 12 months and its been the same all through, its very interesting! But im wondering if it affects my fertility at all, weather I would be more or less fertile on certain months if I've bled more or less time. If that makes sense?


  • Hi there...I wouldn't have thought the length of your bleed would have any impact on your fertility to be honest...mine frequently changes also and I've never experienced any issues. Hope to see news for you in the near future x

  • I would agree with Coco - unless there was a major difference between the lengths of bleed I wouldn't worry :)

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