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Feeding issues - help please

S is almost 23 weeks and ebf. I took him to be weighed this morning and he's only gained 1lb in 6 weeks. He's just dropped back to the 91st centile so I know there is no great worry that he's wasting away, plus he's starting to roll and therefore be a bit more active.

However, the HV was a little concerned with the small gain added to me explaining he's been waking more in the night for food (it used to be at 5 am, after 8-9 hours after milk, now it is mostly 3 hours, though sometimes still up to 7). He has also been faffing at the breast, crying as if he isn't getting enough and not seeming satisfied in the day even when I offer both breasts which I hadn't done for some time. This has only been for the past week, but does coincide with more feeds at night, which I didn't connect until this morning.

She seems to be querying supply issues, and told me to drink more fluids and come back in two weeks for him to be weighed, she also suggested block feeding.

I just wondered if anyone had any wisdom to share, about either supply issues, or about it possibly being something else? The other thing to mention is he's quite a sicky baby, so I'm wondering if he's getting less milk, and then being sick, is this making things worse? She didn't advise feeding more regularly than Sam asks because of his sickyness, as that was something that sparng to mind.

I feel really guilty as if I'd had him weighed sooner I would have known. I've been lucky that I've never had to worry about him gaining as he's always been really steady and has always fed well.

Any help appreciated, thanks.


  • By that stage, C had gone from 91st centile when he was born, to midway between 25th and 50th - the HVs never had any concerns about my supply or his weight, and knew that once he was weaned at 6 months he'd start putting some more weight on - they did want to see me a bit more regularly at the time to check which did worry me slightly, but they were always very positive about how he was getting on, it was more my worries than theirs.  

    As it is, he went up to 50th a few weeks after we started weaning, and has stayed about there since.  It's worth trying block feeding and drinking more as they've suggested, but it could well be a growth spurt (from him having more feeds etc, that sounds very possible) and all the extra feeds will help to increase your supply.

    Don't feel guilty, you're doing a fantastic job! x

  • I'd say he's just burning more calories because he's becoming mobile. Does he have plenty wet and dirty nappies? My daughter was feeding loads between 4-7 months and I felt she wasnt satisfied, was unsettled etc but this coincided with her starting g to roll, sitting unaided and then starting solids. So there was loads going on for her to master. Their weight gain does slow down and I don't think I'd worry to much. I'd just keep feeding in demand. Maybe offer a bit more often if you think he'll take itx

  • Thank you both for your replies, I feel very reassured! Now that I've calmed down and thought about it, he does have lots of wet and dirty nappies, and the right kind of dirty so he must be taking enough and getting the hind milk. Also, she did say that there was a spike at his last gain and the 91st is back to his line. He never seems to sit still at the moment, and is also loving his jumperoo as well so must be burning extra calories there too!

    It's reassuring to know others found this, I guess it can feel like I'm not satisfying him as I can't see what he's having, but he is still sleeping lots overall and is content in between feeds so there's nothing really other than the lack of gain to suggest anything, and as you've both said this seems really normal. I perhaps should have mentioned too that he's 20lb so perhaps it's for the best that he's slowing down a bit!!

    Thanks again x

  • I'm glad you're feeling reassured.  

    I perhaps should have mentioned too that he's 20lb so perhaps it's for the best that he's slowing down a bit!!

    Erm, yes Laugh x

  • H often has phases of eating more at night and seeming hungry in the day - I think it can be growth spurts or just like us they get more hungry sometime. As you say at 91st centile you don't need to worry although I know hv have an amazing ability to stress you with weight issues! I'd keep going as you are, you would know if he was hungry and it sounds to me like he asks when he is.  Don't let it push you to early weaning if you are not ready.

    To add, H is 9 months and only 19lb (just) even though he was just shy of 9lb st birth so S is well ahead!

  • S has slowed his weight gain quite a bit now too. Thankfully as he's just about on the chart now (he was 21lb5 at 23 weeks!) where as he was way above it before.

    He's waking lots at night now too and appears actually hungry.

    I wouldn't be overly concerned, it's normal to have peaks and troughs

  • Thanks, feel totally fine now I've thought about it and written it all down. It makes sense that he's hungrier in the night actually too considering all the energy he is using up in the day!

    WH - As you say it's probably good that he's slowed down a bit as he's just a pound lighter than Seb at the same age (so heavy!) I must remember not to worry considering he weighs the same as some one year olds!!

  • Err, has he been speaking to Angus!?!  At 22 weeks he started waking up during the night for feeds, and dropped from the 75th to 50th centile.  He was pulling off all the time and grumpy between feeds.  He was also been sick after most feeds. The HV at the clinic advised us to start weaning.

    We didn't (I'll reply on your weaning thread), but we did start sleep training.  Until that point he was going 7pm to 5am without fail, and when he started waking up he wsn't that fussed for feeding, so we worked on settling him and after 3 weeks (going longer between waking all the time), we were back to 7pm to 5am.

    Try not to worry too much, in our case Angus has now settled on the 50th centile after weaning, so maybe its just where he is meant to be - he's 35 weeks now and has followed the line for our last two weigh ins.

  • It would seem that way SC! Funny it's happened at the same age. Sam does seem hungry though, the other week he was waking but settled down with a hand on his tummy, now this hand gets shoved into his mouth and chewed hungrily! Glad to hear Angus settled back down sleep wise, he sounds like a very good boy!

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