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Feeding less at 5 months...

Hi Ladies,

Anyone have experience of their babies feeding less approaching the five month mark?

For a few days now A has not been interested in feeding during the day. She's mostly just grazing and I'm not sure why! I thought it could be teething but she's not showing any signs of discomfort. She's nearly sitting up alone and makes chewing sounds when she sees us eating but I really don't want to start weaning until six months as I have a digestive condition and am a bit paranoid about starting her on food too early...she'll be five months next week.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!




  • Could it be the heat? I've noticed T has been having less over the last week, and asking around some of my NCT friends they say the same. (He has also started solids so could be full from that but I have heard that heat can put them off all sorts so might be that!)

  • Thanks Rose, didn't think of that. I'll keep a close eye on her...

  • Are you breastfeeding? If so it might just be that shes getting more efficient at getting what she needs more quickly.

  • Yes PC, I am.

    I didn't know they could do that, but the fact that she isn't even interested is making me worried. We had a bit of an improvement today but I'm taking her to HV tomorrow just to make sure all is well!

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