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OMG *Shock!*

Dear All,

I can't quite believe I'm about to type this but we got our BFP last night!!

Long Story, so trimmed version is:

1. Did pregnancy test earlier yesterday aft, cheapo, thought I wasn't so binned it. Didn't really look properly just got mardy so put in bin.
2. As I was getting ready for bed, I pulled it out the bin to sulk a bit more when I noticed 2 lines clear as day! Shouted to Husband, he verified lines. Now, by this time it'd been sat in the bin about 7 hours!!
3. Straight in car to late night Boots, bought digi and another normal pregnancy test. Drove home.
4. Straight up the stairs with the digi. By which point Husband is saying, it's probably an error etc. Queue longest wait in the world - Digi - 1-2 pregnant.
5. We fall about about crying in shock!!

In terms of what we did differently: we just did it more frequently and I will admit, I laid back with legs in air sort of, I'm not v flexible!! Turns out FF was spot on though!

We feel like luckiest people in the world tonight, especially with it being Christmas Eve!

Now, just to navigate the 3 festive days and a house party rave on NYE at a friends house!

Baby Dust to all!!

Alipops x


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