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OPK's and LH surge

need some opinions ladies - My thermometer broke, on CD11 of all freaking days!!!!! i havent had a chance to get to the shop to buy another one as had a busy weekend so now i'm CD16. I thought as i had lots of OPK's i would just test twice a day and hope i catch it. I got about 2 or 3 very close to positives on CD13 & 14 but not quite positive, as in, of the whole line, the very start was as dark as but then faded off to a still dark pink but not as dark. if it was a pregnancy test you'd be certain they were positive but as its an opk they're annoying. Anyways, i tested yesterday afternoon, about 3-4pm ish and it had got lighter, and then last night before bed at 10pm and it was pretty non existant.

I know on a lot of other forums where people post masses of their opk tests you can see it gradually get darker over a space of 4 days, a lot of people have argued it saying "its called a surge for a reason, it surges, it doesnt gradually go up" but i'm just wondering as mines now dropped off shall i assume it was a positive and i've missed it on a test but have ovulated or just keep on using opk's?

I have/had post pill amenorrhea which should be sorting itself out any cycle now so i'm really hoping this weekend was it. I've never tracked or noted CM but i know i had a lot of it this weekend, of which sort i couldnt tell you as its not an area i look into but i never normally notice any CM and i noticed a ton this weekend. I also had really bad period like pains on CD9&10

Any thoughts would be amazing


  • If one side of your OPK was as dark, or darker than the control line then I'd say that was probably positive. Otherwise I'd probably just continue with the OPKs for the time being.

    Do you know when you normally ovulate?  Mine can be between CD17-23 so not everyone ovulated on CD14.

    ETA - I always test around 6pm and normally get 2 days positive OPKs. I assume this is on the way up and down. I ovulate on the second day. 

  • i have no idea when i ovulate. Cycles so far have been 37 days, 50 days and 65 days. I'm hoping this is my body sorting itself out now as was told it would after 6 months off the pill. Guess only way to know is to wait and see if my period shows up around the 8th Sept.

    I normally do my opks before bed at 10pm, i had it really dark at that time both saturday and sunday night, slightly darker on the sunday. I took another opk last night and 100% negative. not even a hint of a line.

    the tww is even more cripling when you dont know if its the 2ww or not haha

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