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Feeling fed up about weaning

S is 5 months so I am starting to read up on weaning in preparation but all my nct friends have started weaning their little ones already and are doing purées etc. I really want to do blw for a lot of reasons but I will be the only one. With everything else baby related they've been a great source of support but I'm feeling really alone abut this. They keep taking about 'windows' to try certain foods and having so much protein by 8 months etc. One of them met annabel karmel at the baby show and she really slated blw so they all now think I'm mad for doing it.

My hv wanted me to wean S at four months for his (completely under control) reflux and she's not a fan of blw, in fact at the local weaning talk she gives she actively encourages baby rice at 5 minths, none of my other mummy friends or any of my family have heard of it so I feel like there's no support for what I want to do.

Did anyone else have this? Did you find it hard? I think I might be over thinking the whole weaning thing and should relax and get on with it (when he's ready of course) but its hard when there's so much pressure to give boring baby rice at 5 months! Sorry this is a bit woeful actually, it's not meant to be but I'm getting my knickers in a twist!


  • I don't really know much about weaning lovey so have no advice but we were back at the paediatrician last week and she mentioned meaning for O with the cmpi and said she suggested we start introducing baby rice made with his nutramigen milk about 5 months. Now given he was 5 weeks early, I thought he might not wean until later! I just ignored her and I plan to just see how O is doing and (from my limited knowledge!)  do blw when he's ready and interested. With all this carry on with O getting diagnosed I cant help but want to ignore the advice from my HV and doctor now!!

    There are plenty of ladies on here who have gone down the blw route so you know there will always be support on here for you xx

  • I was the only one to blw in my circle but I stuck to my guns and kept going. My family were the worst but both H and I were in agreement and it's the best thing I ever did. My first daughter is nearly 3 and eats so well.

    Second daughter we've just started and she loves playing and figuring it out on her own. It's funny to watch.

    Do what is best for your family. I didn't do nct and very glad I didn't. Down my way I have heard no positives about them.

  • I've always just done a mix of spoon feeding and finger foods.  I've rarely pureed anything - just started with lumps and never had problems.  And none of my children have ever had baby rice.  S is 7 months and mainly eats whatever we're eating. I wouldn't worry about what everyone says,  you'll find what works best for you.  Oh and I watched a programyears ago aabout annabell karmel and can't stand her now so def wouldn't listen to her opinion lol

  • Thanks ladies. I think what I'm worried about is that S won't get it for ages and they might judge him to be behind. One of my reasons for doing it is that he will hopefully be a good eater and open to a variety of flavours and textures etc. I know it doesn't really matter what they think, it's definitely the best choice for my family and H is 100% behind me but its hard when there's no one to talk to IRL about these things. I guess you should all be prepared for my zillions of questions on here then!

  • When I found out about BLW at a breast feeding group whilst still pregnant I knew it's what I wanted to do. A few of the ladies at my post natal group talked about doing it but none of them did. Both sets of parents were very wary & I think when I talked about it it got my brother & SIL's backs up as they have had a lot of issues weaning (my neice is exactly 9 months older than my daughter & at nearly 3 still has the odd jar). I was determined to do it & my hubby was so supportive & once we started it my daughter took to it so well & everyone who saw her eat were really surprised. My mum still talks about how amazing it is & is glad I did it despite her many reservations. I think I'm the kind of person who's a bit bull headed & no one has really questioned the method (well not nastily). I so glad I was able to do it & will do it again with this little one. Thing is, it's like so many different aspects of childhood you just can't predict how they will get on with it until you actually start trying! Glad to hear that you're hubby is fully behind it.

    I really hope that it starts smoothly for you & then you will feel so much better about your choice and then your son's eating will speak volumes about how good it is for him. Good luck & feel free to ask questions, I for 1 can talk about BLW all day x

  • Thanks blackcat, I will probably be picking your brains over the next couple of months then! I am absolutely determined that its right for us all and I'm actually really excited about starting it eventually so hopefully my enthusiasm for the idea will help a bit! It would be brilliant if S took to it really well and surprised everyone, like your LO :)

  • There will always be something to compare, some baby to be 'last' to do. I weaned puree/finger foods from 6 months whereas my baby group weaned at 4 months. My lo took ages to get it, so I was told I'd started too late. Hey ho, he got it eventually and eats just fine now. I suspect blw would have been another thing to compare....Do what you want to do, how you want to do it. (btw blw wasn't for me, but I think its great and totally understand reasons for doing it)

  • I want to BLW and my mum is a little terrified of the idea but it's what we're doing and I won't be listening to our mums talking about puree foods. I've explained to my mum that it's good because they learn to chew before they swallow etc so she does understand the concept but think she's just worried he's going to choke!

  • Oops posted too soon! Like you, I'm just really hoping that he'll take to it which I reckon he will xx

  • We're doing blw, and I've had some pretty heated discussion with people about it, and none of my friends did or are doing it. You just have to stick to your guns and accept that for the first few months your lo won't eat much, if anything! But milk is the main source of nutrition until one so it's not a worry. My Z has come on loads in a month, now bites bits off and chews, just need to add swallowing now! Get the Gill Rapley book if you haven't already, it gives lots of the science behi
  • I think I could end up having some quite heated debates as well porkchop! I am not confident enough to argue my point out loud though so instead I'm festering on here lol! My friends think it's unwise to blw as babies can store food in their cheeks and choke later but I know that and would always check. I'm reading the gill Rapley book now and it's so interesting, totally makes sense to me whereas I just can't get my head around more traditional weaning. Glad to hear these positive stories, thank you :)

  • To be honest, I tried to start on purees and M wouldn't let me feed her, so we quickly moved to finger foods anyway!

    As with all things parenting, everyone has an opinion and isnt afraid to tell you it, but ignore ignore, stick to your guns and do what suits your family x

  • Thanks weekender. S likes to try and hold his bottle himself and gets frustrated if he can't do it (I always hold it as well though obv!) so I'm not sure he would take to being spoon fed anyway, feisty little devil!

  • I think you should do what YOU think is best for your baby. You will find loads of blw support on here. Every mum and baby is different. Annabel Karmel would slate blw or how would she sell any books!

    I say try and relax about it and go with what baby wants. Try blw but bear in mind your baby might prefer purees. I really wanted to do blw this time around but P had a couple of real choking episodes that scared me so i now do some purees with lots of finger foods. The main thing is to relax and try to enjoy it as baby will sense you are tense about it.


  • All mine have been weaned the traditional way, a mixture of spoon feeding and finger foods because it's what works for us but I know that other people make different choices based on what works for them. Just nod, smile and carry on doing what you have decided is right for you. Good luck!

  • Hun, you won't be alone as so many ladies on here did BLW so there's always plenty of us to ask. I wouldn't worry too much about what others think and BLW is definitely easier when out and about than having to take a purée, get it heated then letting it cool, etc etc. they'll soon be changing they're tune when the see that and what a good eater S will be! I did BLW with E but am pureeing with A (combination of her cmpi, reflux and that I started at 5 mints under paeds advice) and I much prefer BLW! When E's dietician's appt finally comes round I will be asking about giving her finger foods. Stick to your guns hun!

  • Thanks mamaD, it's interesting to hear from someone who has done both. Is the weaning helping A? How is she doing?

  • I BLW both my boys, it was fantastic I really recommend it. I recommend the gill Rapley BLW book and also a good site is

  • Honestly, I can't decide if it is or not! She's started refusing her milk (can't really blame her as it must taste disgusting in comparison to food!) so she's having food 3 times a day. I add her milk to the purées to try and get some more of it in her. At least with E, her milk was still her main food so if she wasn't fussed with the finger food it didn't matter. I'm finding it quite stressful especially as I'm not sure what foods might affect her reflux.

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