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Heard the heart beat for the first time

wow i heard the heart beat today it keot fading in and out as the baby kept moving lots like he/she did at the scan. but it was so amazing to hear that little heart beat unfortunatly my partner could not leave work early but the midwife is coming again on saturday so he can hear it image

who els has heard their babies heart beat and how was the experience for them? i cant stop smiling the more i learn and see and hear it just makes it so much more real and the wait so much longer!!




  • Hi Ellie, I'm Lucy.image

    I remember it very clearly. It's wonderful, and even better when it fades in and out as you know they are moving lots. It bought a tear to my eye the very first time. Its amazing.image

  • Its amazing and sooo reasuring! Glad your enjoying yoour pregnancy xx
  • I know just how you feel... it's amazing to hear and so reasuring. When are you due? your ticker isn't showing. Neither is mine though.. think i did it wrong, I am due in June.

    Gem xx

  • i am due 30th may, i know i tried to do it but its not showing, but i have the ticker on my internet homepage so it shows every time i'm on, they are good for count downs! it is reassuring like the scan i was worried that there wouldnt be anything there but was so relived when ther was and the baby is a wriggler think i will have an energetic child image


  • Isn't it amazing!! And very re-assuring, especially with your first pregnany!!

    With Bronwyn I borrowed a foetal doppler from a mate and used to sit listening to the heartbeat in an evening! It was fab! Only heard the heart beat once with this pregnancy, but as i felt smurfy move very early on I knew he/she was ok!!

  • hi ellie, i'm another lucy!

    it's so exciting when you hear the heartbeat!! i get excited every time.. can remember hearing it the first time with ben, makes it so real image have only heard it once with this pregnancy, but have loved the scans too - wish they lasted longer - it's so magical seeing your little one moving about inside you.. i'm loving feeling the kicks at the moment, makes me smile  image it's lovely your mw is coming on saturday so your partner can hear it too! is this your first baby?

  • It really does make it real when you hear for the first time the heart beat, you wait until baby starts to wiggle inside you, your be smiling from ear to ear.xximage

  • Yes this is my first pregnancy image i cant wait to hear the wiggles my mate described it as amazing when at 6 months you get a kick in the ribs while sleeping lol. it was amazing on the first scan it was really wriggely so hopefuly that means i'll be able to feel lots of kicking soon image


  • I remember the first time i heard the heartbeat too, it was amazing Ian and i just looked at each other in amazement.

    I loved being pregnant and absolutely loved feeling all the kicks and later on into the pregnancy watching my belly move from side to side as she used to turn around. I had a little wriggler of a baby too and  she is now a hyperactive 14 month old. 

  • I love hearing it for the first time. Even after they are born it is still a happy memory for me.Congrats again. And I am glad all is going well. 

  • AHhhh thats lovely. Glad everything is ok x
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