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Morning ladies. 

couldnt see one this morning so I thought I would start it. Not been around lately because we are on holiday and there's very little signal on my phone. What have I missed? No idea what CD I am here. I've lost track really. Hoping to get back into it when were home. The weathers rubbish today. Hi to everyone that follows


  • hey ms! I had noticed you weren't around - hope you're having a nice holiday? Shame about the weather!

    AFM - another low temp today so FF has taken my crosshairs away. I feel a bit silly thinking my cycles would sort themselves out quickly after the op - especially after the bad cycle last month. oh well, onwards n upwards!

    Hello to all who follow x

  • Morning

    MS - hope you're having a nice break, hope weather improves today

    Tayto - I dont temp/chart so cant offer any advice but sorry its messing you about!

    Afm - CD29 10dpo my LP usually about 12-14 days. Af expected Mon/Tues. Pretty sure im out this month so wont be testing. I will be bummed when af arrives but will also be glad that my cycles back to my normal

    Hope everyone has a nice Friday :)

  • Happy Friday Ladies,

    MS - I hope you're having a lovely break

    Tayto - Thanks for my thread I feel very special lol! Sorry your temps aren't looking good, hopefully you're not out but if you are hopefully next cycle will be better

    Cooper - Any reason why you think you're out? I hope you're not, I hate this part of the cycle I always start feeling sick the last few days waiting for spotting / af to start I hope you are ok!

    AFM - Just waiting for H's results, I think he will call the surgery this afternoon. I feel sick I don't know how he'll react if there is a problem :-( I'm still keeping everything crossed and I really appreciate the vibes from you lovely ladies! x

  • Cooper - hope af shows up on time then so you can be sure it's back to normal or, if not, a nice bfp :-)

    Lulu - you're very welcome - I really hope there won't be a problem xx When have you to do yours?

    Anyone got any nice plans for the weekend? I get to sandpaper a wall in our spare room plus tidy my craft/cardmaking area - can't wait! :-)

  • Lulu - everything crossed for a good result!!

    I missed ov this month as H was working away. Dtd 2 days before & day after!

    Thanks Tayto :)

  • Thanks ladies, no results yet as they are not in so we have to wait a bit longer!

    Tayto - I haven't booked my appointment yet as h only got his as he went to the docs about something else.  I want to wait and see his results before I book mine.

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