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Update on me

So today I had methotrexate for suspected ectopic pregnany. Not what i wanted but needs must. This means we cant TTC for 3 months, this makes me sad but hopefully it will fly in - roll on March!!

So I'll probably not be doing much posting but i will be lurking & hoping you lovely lot get ur BFPs soon! 


  • Sorry to hear that cooper, what an awful time you've had of late. I really hope the next 3 months fly by and you're back ttc in no time.

  • Sorry to hear that Cooper - I hope the next 3 months will fly by for you and that your back ttc asap! x

  • Sorry to hear this Cooper. Wishing a speedy 3 months for you so you can start trying again xxx

  • Shame it came to that Cooper, but I hope it's all sorted now and your body repairs itself quickly. I know March seems ages away now, but it's nearly Christmas, then all too soon it will be January, and a month will have passed, and so on.

    Take care xx

  • Really sorry to hear tthis.  Can you take this time to do something you might not otherwise have done? Big holiday sounds like an obvious one

  • So sorry that you've been going through this, I hope March comes quickly for you. xx

  • Sorry to hear but hopefully it'll help you body to recover fully. Hopefully we'll arrive in March quickly x

  • Thanks everyone

    Veecee-I'd love a holiday but think i'll take the time to sort out my finances a bit - as usual gone a bit OTT with Christmas presents! Doesnt help with it being my H's birthday on Christmas day!

    Feeling better about things today :)

  • Hopefully the next few months will fly by Cooper, glad you're feeling perkier xx

  • So sorry to hear this Cooper, I hope March hurries up for you xxx

  • Lots of love and hugs Cooper, wishing away the first few months of the New Year for you xx

  • Sorry to hear this. I Hope the next few months go quick for u. I had an ectopic pregnancy in September and altho at the time It felt like forever 3 months has flown by for me, take care and enjoy Christmas!
  • Levels 227 today so coming down nicely - this has given me a wee Christmas boost :)

  • Glad to hear that Cooper xxx

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