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Do we look alike?




This is a picture of me and my sister taken at the weekend and also one of my brother. do you think we look alike or do you think I'm the odd one out?




  • You and your sister are definitely alike, very much so. Harder to say with your brother as the pic is different but he certainly looks similar in terms of features.

  • Agree with Margot

  • You and your sister could be twins.  Is there much of an age gap?  Your brother definitely looks younger.

  • Wow you think? People always say how my brother and sis are so alike and I'm the odd one out (even to the point of me thinking they have the same father!)

    There is 18months between us girls. Rhys is 13years younger

  • There's a likeness with you and your sister, similar features. Not so sure about you and your brother though.

  • He's my half brother btw

  • You and your sister are very alike!

    I have two sisters, one I'm exactly like and the other one is polar opposite!

    One got married recently so me and my similar sister were bridesmaids and I was fed up by the end of the day of people saying how we looked like twins!

  • See I thInk your brother and sister look alike, I'd say you look similar but def those two

  • You see I think you look different but I am wondering if what I know of you is clouding my view?

  • I think you look different too.

  • I think you look very similar to your sister, but a few similarities to your brother. Could it be more to do with the hair colouring when people say you don't look alike?

  • I think you and your sister have the same shape face but I don't think you look that similar apart from that. Your eyes are different.

  • I don't think you look very much alike, may be you do in reality more so? Mannerisms, expressions etc?..

    People tel me I look exactly like my sisters but we can't see it

  • this is interesting.

    My mum has a picture of my brother wearing a dress and I swear to god at a glance he could pass for my sister. It was that that got me thinking. As people they are very very very similar whereas I'm like an outsider.

  • I have 3 girls and my eldest and youngest are very similar, both in looks and temperament, my middle one is very different both in looks and personality to the other 2. I wouldn't consider yourself to be an outsider just because you're different and you're close to your sister aren't you?

  • It doesn't bother me - in fact I'm proud to not be like them, I'm a better stronger person. I'm not posting this in a depressive way I'm just genuinely interested in if people think we look alike or not.

    I'm closer to my sister this past 9/10months than I have been in years but she showed her selfish side again at the weekend which really peed me off.

  • I think you've all got features alike.

  • Oh no what did she do? I would be like and prefer to be different too, it would annoy me if people kept saying how alike I was to someone else!! I always wanted a sister growing up though.

  • Oh it's trivial really - basically it was peeing down in Blackpool, proper strong winds too, her fella had been there 3 times before so we kept asking what plans were for dinner. Anyway we ended up waiting around for them, then after dinner we were going for drinks but she said she was cold and so they left and went back to their hotel. No offer of a drink or anything. We then had to walk miles back to our hotel. The next day they mentioned staying up in the bar for a few drinks as it was real lively there.

    Oh and actually our B&B was a dive so we didn't check in and had to find somewhere ese to stay. We were in their hotel whilst they checked in and I called a few places. I managed to find and hold a place until we could drive there and check in. Once we'd checked in and paid She 'joked' their suite had a sofa bed and we could have stayed there but ooops it's too late now

  • Belle
    It doesn't bother me - in fact I'm proud to not be like them, I'm a better stronger person. I'm not posting this in a depressive way I'm just genuinely interested in if people think we look alike or not.

    That's what I see in your face but not in theirs IYSWIM? Your smile is wider and softer and kinder. Your eyebrows and eyes gleam of wit and knowledge and theirs don't to me... but if I knew them I might feel differently.

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