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Hair Dye

I'm sure this has been done lots of times but I'm wondering who dyed their hair during pregnancy and in particular during the 1st trimester. 

Did you change to a different brand or change the way you dyed it. 

thanks in advance xx


  • I have, but have it done at hairdressers. Was fine 1st tri, but 2nd tri the highlights needed a toner putting on as the colour went weird apparently due to hormones. My hairdreSser uses organic dyes so I figured if I was going to get it done that was the best way to do it

  • I had mine done at the hairdressers all through pregnancy - I'd told her I was pg and she said there shouldn't be a problem with the products they use.

    I think the main concern these days is that the colour may take differently, and your scalp can be more sensitive.

  • I got mine done by my hair dresser when I was 8 week gone and it's was fine. They do say your hormones can cause problems with the colour sticking to the hair in some women, but not all.

  • i used to be a hairdresser and have done mine from day one, the colour has only started to act differently now i am later on in the pregnancy

  • i carried on getting mine done at the hairdressers. Dark red though so no bleach. midwife said it was fine!

  • Thanks ladies. I don't go to the hairdresser for mine. I just do it myself so I'm trying to work out whether to just leave it for now or to just go for it  

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