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has anyone had a CVS?

As it says really, has anyone had a CVS? That's when they take a bit of the placenta to see if there are any chromosome disorders. Because of k we will be offered one and are 90% sure we will do it as all her scans were fine and my nuchal results came back low risk. It will be done before 13 weeks. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of one and what it was like. Tia


  • I had an amino which I think is different in that it takes the fluid rather than the placenta. It wasnt particularly pleasant but over very quickly and I didnt have any pain afterwards.

    I hope that helps but Im sure someone else will be able to comment on the cvs shortly.

  • I think mrs 50's had one. I'll see if I can track her down on FB for you.

  • I had one with William, I was terrified but in all honesty it was fine.

    What do u want to know? I don't mind answering questions at all.

    We had it on the Thursday and got the results on the Monday. Full karotyping 2 weeks later.

    We didn't have one with Isaac as no chromosomal issues with William just structural deformities but I'm wavering on having one if we ttc again

  • Thank you everyone. Just really what the procedure was like. That's really good cherry pie that the initial results came back so quickly, its nice to know that you aren't left waiting for the full karotyping only as I can imagine that would be awful other wise. Mrs v an amnio is the other option but that would be offered later in pregnancy so I think we are going to do the CVS.  Those that had it did you have any time off work after or is it a case of just trying to take it easy?

  • Hiya. So they scan you, to check positioning if baby, my h was able to see William throughout and the catheter was no where near him. They injected local anaesthetic and then inserted a catheter (a bit like the venflons they insert if you have a canulae in your arm) and then insert what looks like a pipe cleaner, they take a sample of placenta and that's literally it, they then show you baby afterwards. When they inserted the catheter it really took my breath away and I got a fright but they were lovely and it was literally in fir 2 seconds.

    It was Thursday afternoon and the initial downs, Edwards and pateaus results came back on the Monday, they said its unlikely anything else will come back if these are ok, then 2 weeks later the rest of the results came back, and we asked to find out the sex.

    I was off work anyway, I was a bit cramps on the Thursday but otherwise I was fine. My h wanted me to rest though, but I was up and about on the Friday as normal. I was 12+6 I think when I had it

    Good luck, just shout out if you want to ask anymore x

  • I had the amino which is near enough the same but done at 16 weeks whereas cvs can be done earlier. Cherry pie has probably answered everything. I was told to rest afterwards for a day or two but you could work if sat and took it steady. I had a little cramp at night bit that was it. I heard the procedure was ok but tbh I didn't like it. I did however work myself up into a state before hand so I'm sure that didn't help. But it really is over in a matter of seconds xx

  • Thank you for that. Its nice to hear about it from someone that's had it done rather than the medical leaflet that makes it sound scary!

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