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Happy valentines day ladies and some cheeky vibes please..

did you all get some nice cards and flowers? I got a lovely card- we don't really do anything more. Although we have bought the meal deal from M&S for later.. Hope you all have a nice day..

now this is the cheeky bit!..

my H has yet another knowledge test today, it could be one of the last three he has to do. I'm asking really nicely if you would mind sending some vibes, we really want it over now  as we are so close. Thanks ladies x

belle, no vibes or good licks from you my love Laugh xx


  • Oops I mean good lucks not licks! Hahaha

  • I got heart shaped toast in bed and a card, we're off out for a meal tonight, which is exciting because due to my Morning Sickness throughout most my pregnancy, we've not eaten out in about 7 months.

    Good luck to your H, I hope he flies through it x

  • Lots of vibes heading his way xxx

  • That sounds nice BLL, have a lovely meal!x

    Thanks SW x

  • I got a lovely card from the husband this morning and have one form Louie coming tonight. I haven't got him anything as we've never done it before so I'm in two minds....

  • Glad you got a nice card belle x

  • Had a lovely card, flowers and chocs left for me this morning, and I'd bought MrDD a card, some slippers (he was saying the other day he needs some new ones) and chocolates - I'm sure he'll enjoy his slippers as much as I'll enjoy my flowers Smile  Apparently they're doing all love things and cards at school this afternoon so I might get a card from C later too.

    Loads of vibes for you H x

  • Lots of vibes for your H. My friends h recently finally passed his knowledge and has started to drive his cab this week. The relief must be immense after all these years.

    We exchanged cards and chocolates and h also bought be wine. This year he bought me the wine I actually like, so I, pleased he remembered!

    We're not doing anything special may open a bottle of wine or champagne later thoughh

  • Loads of vibes.

    We don't do anything, so to throw my H off, I made him a card. He feels SO bad he never got me one. All I was doing was having a mess with my new stamping kit, haha.

  • Loads of vibes for your H.

    Hubby left me some chocolates and card, even though I said I didn't want anything. He hid it and then text me this morning to tell me where it was! Was kinda sweet really!.

    I am actually alone all weekend and so a meal for one for me tonight!

  • Lots of lovely gestures, the men have excelled themselves :)

    AK, I bet your H nearly cried bless him! He's not used to a card from you hahaha x

    Thanks for all the vibes ladies, he's gone now, up at 1:20 I feel positive but also v nervous for him!

  • Any news?  How long will it take?

  • i have had flowers devliered to work, and we're off out for dinner tonight.

    good luck to your hubs x

  • No such luck today ladies-devastated to be fair but what can we do! Have to get on with it. He now HAS to pass the next town or he goes back a level!! :(( very worrying. Thanks for all the good luck wishes xx

  • Oh L what a bummer. Sorry I didnt see this before xxx

  • I got flowers delivered to work : )

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