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How long does a tub of formula powder last you ?

I am seriously over thinking all this.   H has said that we can get one of the Tommee Tippee new Prep Machines that was linked to on my last "ramblings about formula" thread.

However it is £100 ... that is an awful lot of money.

I am trying to work out if we would spend £100 more by using ready made formula over tubs of powdered formula.   Argh, I wish I could just go "you know what, it was fine last time it will be fine this time" but I would feel awful if Noodles got ill and I had known I was doing it wrong ...


  • Thats a good point - would you end up spending more on powder than ready made?

  • I think it (before weaning) averaged out at one tub a week.

    Say eight months of one a week at £9.50= £332.50

    With premixed I guess it would depend on how many times they fed really. I only use cartons when out.

    I'd get that gizmo if I was back at the beginning of FF, it looks really good.

  • Definitely one tub a week here.

  • Were currently using ready made a lot and it is very expensive. B has on average 5, 6-7oz bottles a day, which is a 200ml carton and it works our at about £25 a week.  If we were starting out again if get the machine. The main reason were using the cartons is because B got a virus, I'm not saying it was from the milk bit I'm now paranoid so want to make sure we do everything properly.

  • 1 1/2 to 2 tubs. My youngest is a milk monster though and drinks way above the age recommendations. Hoping it will cut down when she's fully weaned!

    Not heard of these machines, off now to google.

  • A tub lasts about 5-6 days here- the C&G cartons would cost us around £3.50 per day so powder is much cheaper (about £10 per week)- if I were to start again would buy the TT bottle maker as it would have paid for itself after 7 weeks (based in savings against ready made formula)

  • I think there are some codes kicking around to get the machine for £66 if you ordered it soon. Will check in the morning for you.

  • A tub lasts a week here too if I have not used the ready made cartons and I've got into a bad habit of those which is costing us a fortune at £1.20 a feed!!  

  • I've just looked at this gadget and if for the next baby I couldn't breast feed I'd definitely buy this. I think especially in the early days when feeds are a bit more unpredictable this would be ace!

  • I would love one of the machines and if E was any younger i'd be investing.

    We use one tub of formula every six days (she's on Aptimal comfort) - so each box is giving me 180ish servings, which based on Es 5x6oz bottles works out for me at 36p a bottle. Ready made we used abig bottle a day at £2.65 so over 5 bottles 53p a serving.

    If I did the calcs over 6 months, and assumed E drank 30oz per day it's cost us £329 in formula v £477 ready made (though obviously she drank less than 30oz at first and will drink more before she hits weaning age). So by my calcs, yes definately worth it if your alternative is ready made - especially if you could get it for £66 and consider the peace of mind /convinience factor.

  • Thanks for the info everyone. I would have def bought it at £66 but all the vouchers seem to have expired and £100 just seems so much. I'm going to wait until bearer the time and see if any offers come up, amazon deliver next day so can wait until last minute.

  • I was thinking of you yesterday whilst I was in Boots. You know the bottles they have ready made up in hospital with the sterile teats etc? Boots sell them in boxes now.

    I was tempted to buy a box just in case I need them. Might be good for when you go out....?

    Don't be winding yourself up about how you make bottles at home lovely. It's really not that difficult. xxx

  • I was so sure there was a code that was still valid but I've checked and think I imagined it. Sorry. I'd be surprised if there wasn't codes around when it actually gets into stock as they will have a big push on sales you'd think. Fingers crossed as I want a machine as my plan is to mix fed.

    Rusty I bought the sma ready bottles with teats, £12 for 12, as I want to bf and if it doesn't work out these will be handy until we go shopping the next day for formula and some more bottles.

  • Wow i hadn't heard of those. We use SMA, a tub lasts a week and is £8.87 with weekly shop now E is down to approx. 4 8oz bottles a day.

  • I think if this one doesn't bf I'd be buying one anyway for pure convenience factor alone . Bound to be able to sell it on once finished. The convenience factor alone would convince me plus there isn't ready made reflux formula so more likely to need powdered formula. I can't believe it's taken so long for someone to invent this!  And I've not seen it advertised widely either

  • was going to but the little bottles to take in to hospital but they insist on powder so they can show you how to make it. They are also really expensive ...

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