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How long?

Stupid question but how long did it take your baby's eyes to change colour from their baby deep blue? C is starting to get a very icy blue around her pupils and I'm wondering if this is going to be her eye colour Fluffy xxx


  • I think it can be anything up to a year for eye colour to change but I think my LO was around 8weeks

  • wow didn't realise it could take a year! thanks HF xxx

  • I'm clearly a bad mother - I have no idea! L's are still blue like my H's and A has the same green/brown as mine but couldn't tell you when they changed!

  • my older sister said the same thing LR, her oldest childs eyes are blue and havent changed at all since birth (she doesnt think) you're not a bad mother lol I think Ive got too much time on my hands x

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