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I have a confession...

I'm obsessed with buying stuff off eBay! Aside from a couple of babygrows that were either unworn or worn once, I've picked up a few other bargains too. I've won some Gro Sleeping Bags, really good condition, for much lower than I'd of paid new (between £5-8 each!). I've also purchased a Moby Sling for around £25 when new they are £42. Oh and our Angelcare Monitor - £35 from eBay - £65 new! I just keep thinking its worth the cost saving - because that money is money thats going into my maternity pot for me to be able to take longer from work. I also purchased 2 x Topshop Maternity Jumpers a while ago now which were in fab condition too, and only cost about £5-12 each! Anyone else doing / done this? I've never had an eBay obsession before but now I really have! I think it come from people telling me (mainly H!) not to buy the best of everything ... well I can if its from eBay! ;)


  • Ha ha! I keep having a browse but I don't want to buy anything until we have had the 12 week scan. But I agree, you are saving money, and I plan to try and get second hand too. I keep looking at the cloth bum nappies on the for sale board on mumdrum, but I am holding myself back for another week. As for maternity clothes, I think I can probably cope with out buying too much, as most of my tops I think will stretch or are loose now anyhow, but I will need bottom halfs and a nice dress for my dad's 65th birthday do in May so I keep checking things like that out.

  • Raincloud - Thats how it started for me as well thinking about it! I didn't want to buy anything until I hit XX week - but buying from eBay didn't count! I haven't purchased much Maternity - 2 pairs of jeans, 2 jumpers, 2 tops, and a dress. I think thats it! I might need to buy another dress at some point as I have 3 special occasions and not sure I can get away with the same outfit to all of them! I guess I might need to buy something for more sunny weather too given I'm due mid-July and we normally have some good weather before then. I'm finding saving money quite fun - I'm such a loser! Lol!

  • eBay is great!!

  • Oh no, you're not a looser, I love a good bargin, why pay full price when you don't have to!But I will stay strong, at least for 7 more days!!

  • Haha! You can do it Raincloud - 7 days will fly by :) ....But I might of snapped all the bargains up by then! Lol! ;)

  • I am addicted to eBay.

    Great for maternity clothes, great for kids stuff like bumbos, walkers, baby bath etc.

    I also buy lots of non baby stuff too. Most of our furniture is off eBay as you get much better quality second hand stuff for cheaper than a cheap flimsy flat pack from argos.

    It gets very addictive though as it's not like "real " shopping!

  • Haha absolutely, I have loads of baby stuff in my 'watch' list :)

    I'm also checking the local buy/sale FB pages too.

  • I was like that.

    Pinterest + eBay = Bankruptcy  ;)

  • EBay is amazing.... I bought my nursing chair and stool from there its so beautiful I just took off all the old covers and bought new cushions for it myself

  • I got a mamas and papas antique pine chest with changer top for £25 when pregnant with O, and the guy was 10 minutes away! At the no we're watching toddler beds and bedding for O, prams and other niceties! We're also moving house, so we'll be watching furniture shortly too! I love a bargain!

  • You're so not alone, I think over half of Isobelle's things are from ebay (the other 48% are from selling sites on facebook). It's such an amazing rush to know you've got a bargain!!

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