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I've made a decision about my maternity leave

I always planned to start maternity leave on the 16th July and use leave so that I would actually stop work at the end of June.  However I am struggling so much that I can not physically cope with getting up at 0430, going on a train for 2 hrs, working from 0700 to 1530 and then another 2 hr train journey home.

I'm guessing I could probably have faffed around getting signed off sick but have decided just to use annual leave so finish at the end of May.  I will have slightly less leave to use upon returning but will use paternity leave if I don't feel ready to go back.  It also means that when we get back from our holiday in 2 weeks time I will only have 2 weeks left at work.

Have emailed my manager today so it is now all official.


  • that 2 weeks will go really quickly. I hope you enjoy your extended mat leave before baby arrives- more time to plan and nest :)

  • Sounds wonderful.  I left work at 32 weeks with #1 and thoroughly enjoyed the 9.5 weeks until she was born.

  • I don't blame you.  I had loads of leave to use this time so haven't worked since 28 weeks and my mat leave only kicks in on Monday when I will be 36+5.  I am so tired I couldn't imagine still dragging myself to the office every day.  Enjoy the time off

  • Sounds great, and definitely the right decision after all the problems you've had recently, you'll be able to rest properly before this LO turns up. x

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