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Isofix Car Seats

Hi. I'm a bit confused with how these work - if you have a car that has Isofix points, do you need to buy a 'car seat base' or not? I can't work out whether thats what fits into the Isofix points, or if thats only needed if your car doesn't have Isofix but you are still wishing to connect your car seat in that way. Hope that all makes sense.... Any help welcome! Its bugging me now! Thanks.


  • You'll need a base for an infant carrier, the base clips into your isofix points and stays in the car. You sit the car seat on top, it clicks into place then you release by pressing a button on car seat.

    Next stage car seats generally clip right into isofix points, as those seats aren't likely to be moved regularly


  • Generally with the first stage car seat you have a base which fits into the isofix in your car, and you leave it there full time. Then you just clip the actual seat on and off the base as and when you want to.

    With the next stage you'll find that more seats have the isofix built in so you don't need a separate base. This is because you are much more likely to just leave the seat in the car, as the child is bigger and you won't be carrying them around in the seat.

  • Or in other words, exactly what weekender said! Ha ha.

  • I'm really glad you asked this Pep because its something I'll be thinking about soon as I plan to change my car between now and the spring and somebody mentioned to me to get Isofix in the car.  I'm clueless!!!!

  • Just wanted to add, If you use your car quite a bit the isofix base is a godsend. As weekender says, once the base is in, the car seat clips/in lips literally with a button which is fabulous and such a time saver. O must like the movements of the car as he normally falls asleep in the car or in the pram so we can go from driving to on the pram and moving in a minute!

    (Just to add I have a lie flat car seat which is also our pram carrycot so we don't have to lift him out of his car seat into the pram nor are we exceeding the 2 hour guidance for being in the car seat!)

  • Thanks all, really helpful and I now feel like I know what I'm looking for! My car should have Isofix but I doubt H's has. I guess if you can't use an Isofix base its just the standard wrap the seatbelt round the car seat job or is there other safety mechanisms to consider does anyone know? Thank you.

  • Missdeedee, which car seat do you have?

  • You can get an easy base pep, which is a base for cars without isofix. We have an isofix base in H car and the easy base in mine, I got it from a friend and thought it was isofix but it wasn't works just as well though! So much easier having a base

  • If your car doesn't have isofix points you can still buy a base that stays in the car it just uses the seat belt to secure and you can then clip the seat on and off.
  • Not that I know of pep, just the seatbelt. Look up whatever car seat you decide to get in terms of fitting the isofix base in your car and for fitting with just the seatbelt in your H's car as some seat belts aren't long enough so not compatible with the car seat.

  • Obviously had no signal and this took forever to post!!

    Imp I have the Jane Trider pram with the matrix light 2 car seat (which is also the pram carrycot). It can lie flat across two seats in the car or be adjusted at the back to a traditional 'upright' car seat. The pram and carseat are brilliant, we also got a mattress as the carseat is suitable for overnight sleeping in lie flat also. I often put the mattress in so he can go in it downstairs for naps (when he used to sleep!)x

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