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It's so quiet

It's super quiet here just now. Where is everyone?


  • I'm around but it's half term and Naomi has decided sleeping in the day is overrated so not much time to post. H and boys all out this evening though so should be on more.

  • I'm guilty of not posting as much but as Margot says it us half term so I expect a lot of folks are busy out and about keeping older ones entertained.  Will defo try to contribute more!

  • I have a wee boy who has decided to be a wee so n so this week when I'm not feeling 100% so I'm not getting on as much as I'd like.

  • Scared to post or look even because I'm worried I'll tempt fate. I'm still so early. I really want to get involved with the community but I know it'll be hard if I MC to stay in touch.

  • we are packing as we move into a new house on monday, got the dreaded jabs tomorrow too...Im sure I will cry more than the baby lol x

  • With an 18 month old I'm kind of lost as to my place here just now....I've no posts to start as things are going fine, and there aren't even many threads just now I can contribute on. I'm same with OT as well though..

  • I'm here but lurking more than posting. Its not for lack of anything to say but ability to type...S will only sleep on me so all my posting is one handed from my phone so can't really write a lot!
  • <crash!>Hello Popcorn, how are you getting on? M is a delight except at night when it is really hit and miss as to how long he'll go for...and he's a bu**er to get back down again in his crib! With the girls off for half term there is no time to rest in the day so I am taking myself off to bed at 8pm to try and get ahead of the game. Hope you and S are well. x

  • I'm forgetting its English/Welsh half term. We have had ours in Scotland already.

  • Hey noggin! S isn't too bad at night, its during the day that he won't settle so I never get anything done! He has reflux so he likes to be upright as much as poss. For night, I've got one of my pj tops wrapped round the mattress in his crib and I warm it through with a hot water bottle and put white noise on. Its a fine art but works eventually! His crib is propped up as well. Sorry you're not getting much sleep with M, I just keep repeating that it will get better eventually :-) xxx
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