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i am trying to be super organised and see what classes and activities are available that i can do with my litle one when they arrive and just trying to build up some information and ideas, but as a first time mum i am a bit of a novice at this also i am the first friend to have children so dont really have any one i can ask.

i could probably find what classes are available but you never know if they are any good so thats why i am here seeking guidance as to what ones are good and if any one has been to any and what they tought.

any advice very much appriciated.

ellie xxxxx


  • aqua natal is good. ask your hv or midwifeimage
  • baby massage is fantastic, ask your health visitor they run a free course in most areas! also a fab way of meeting mums and babies the same age!

    Monkey music (from 4- 6mnths) LOVE IT!! so does my son, all the children in my family have been and its great, when you join baby gets cd and tshirt to, its a lovely group, music, dancing and they have some pretty amazing instruments my son could use drumsticks before sitting unaided lol!

    Gymbabes/tumbletots/gymbods- i think from 4-6mnths, our francise closed image but its fantastic, great for babies learning to control there body then toddlers to get over the mad climbing instict!

    good luck!!!

    oh forgot to mention local librarys run free story times and bookstart baby bounce you can go to them any age!

  • oh cool, i have found an aqua natal class i hear that after they normaly run a class where you can go with baby after you have had it.

    that monkey music sounds good, do you know if they run all over the uk? as i'm based in bournemouth all the activitis sound fun as really want to be as active as possible with my baby when its born (also hoping the more i do in the day the better they sleep at nite haha if there is such a thing once baby is here)


  • baby massage is an excellent class to go its lovely for little one and for you to get to kno other mums

    never did aqua natal with 1st pregnancy but i am planning to start soon this time around!

    breastfeeding support groups, most of the classes up here are run by the local hospital as they have the space to fit everyone in so your midwife or local doctor would prob give you a lot of info

    xxxx  image

  • monkey music is all over the uk go to and there should be a way to find your nearest one! xx
  • yeah i have been reading up on baby massage as read about it in magazines has any one tried it? looks good.

    also did any one ready the article on potty training from birth? i wouldnt mind trying that too as have the time, has any one tryed that or tempted too?

    thankyou for the monkeymusic website they do one up the road from me according to the site so thats good image


  • i did baby massage with my son, and im waiting for the course to start with my daughter, its fantastic, really nice way to spend time with your little one and had my son having a 5hr nap after each session! and sleeping thru the night! hoping for similar results for lola lol! also fab for meeting mums and babies in your area at the same stage xx
  •  I take Ayesha to toddler yoga and she loves it. Believe it or not she esp loves the relaxation part. She jut lies there with her blanket


  • oh baby massage it is then image i like the sound of all nite sleeping so can be active and awake for the day


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