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Lansinoh nipple cream.

I ordered a tube weeks ago online, and just put it away when it arrived. Was packing my hospital bag last night and got it out so thought I'd see what it was like, and I just wanted to check if this was normal. The tube feels half empty, really squidgy. I didn't have to break a seal on the box or on the tube. And the stuff inside has gone like glue. I squeezed with all my force and couldn't get any to come out!!

I can't really remember where I ordered it from, and don't want to have to buy another at £10 a pop. Is mine ok?



  • From memory that doesn't sound right to me, I think it was of bongela consistancy when I used it?

  • It gets really hard when its cold...try warming the tube up in your hands a bit to get some out, and then massage a bit between your fingers and it should loosen up. You can get it on prescription though!

  • Yes mine have all been like that, like mega hard Vaseline. I used to run between hands (squirt a bit out) and loosens as it warms

  • Yeah mine was really hard to squeeze out, it does gradually soften a bit after the tubes been in use for a week or so

  • Sounds the same as mine was. I accidentally sat on it and then used it and it was much easier to get out, that's how I figured it was better warm...! It was my saviour for the first three weeks!

  • I've had two tubes and both came in a box and the tube had a seal on. It is pretty firm, u have to squeeze it out and rub it between ur fingers to warm it up and soften it!
  • I had a tube that was hard to squeeze out too, and as others have said, if you heat it up, it should be fine.  lansinoh is amazing! i would never use anything else.  Also! put a little on your little ones chin before feeding to stop their chin going red when they're feeding. (something a midwife told me and it is a great tip)

  • Thanks ladies, sounds fairly standard the ! Will have to get H to see if he can figure it out!

  • It also makes a great lipbalm!

  • You can also get in on prescription. Saved me loads as I got through lots ESP at the beginning.

  • Sounds simular to how it was for me, wish I had thought to rub it to warm it up!

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