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Mastitis - what were your symptoms?

I've started to feel really poorly and am worried it may be mastitis. I felt ok this morning but have gradually gone down hill with aches all over body, shivers, feeling hot and cold, headaches and a tenderness in one boob up to armpit. There's no redness or swelling that I can see though. I feel dreadful and wonder if its the flu or whether it could be mastitis.

what were your symptoms as they read so similar to flu. Do I need to see a dr?

h is 9 months and I've fed all this time with no probs. His feeding pattern is q static, not a lot in day feeds mainly in eve or night 

thsnks x


  • I had mild flu like symptoms - temperature, aches and pains, shivers, headache and also a red sore boob. I saw the GP and got antibiotics

  • Sounds like mastitis! Although v.unusual to get it so late -  Has he suddenly developed preference for the other boob? The advice is to 'empty' the boob - massage it going towards nipple, express, spray hot shower on it (gets milk/lumps moving), feed baby from it and repeat .... And yes, get to GP for antibiotics. Oh and rest!

  • Thank you ladies. I had to see the emergency gp in the end and he said its mastitis so on strong antibiotics to 'hit it hard' as he said. I can't believe we've come so far to have problems now :( nipple is fine he said it seems to be blocked further up, not lumpy but v tender. Am feeding off it Nd tried massaging but will try the shower ad well. Should it just clear up in time?

  • Hi LM - so sorry you're suffering. I've had it a couple of times and it's awful. I found the flu like symptoms went fairly quickly after starting the anti-biotics. I also took paracetamol to bring my temp down and help with sore throat etc. The boob gradually improved over a few days. Was definitely back to normal by the end of the course.  Hope you feel better soon x

  • Thanks mrs b. I'm finding the same, the flu like symptoms have def eased now which is good. I have labyrinthitis as well though which has had a bad flare up so I'm not feeling loads better but def improving. Thankfully mum and H having little H so I'm on bed rest!

    Always something isn't there!

  • Glad you got the anti H's. hopefully they kick in quickly. I got it at 5-6 months with my second and like you could t understand why when feeding was well established.

    I fed through and expressed after he fed from that side to make sure it was empty. Keep up with paracetamol and lots of fluids and rest. Hope you're on the mend x

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