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MMR and 13m vaccinations

We've had our appointment through for the 20th and I'm dreading it! I know its very important and will be getting it done regardless, but I'm still not looking forward to it. Are the reactions much the same as the others? Any tips? He doesn't have a bottle in the day anymore so can't take that to soothe him but can take his dummy and maybe some chocolate buttons [blush] How were your LOs afterwards? 


  • I don't think my son even noticed! No reaction either :)

  • I also dreaded it but I honestly worried about nothing. He was absolutely fine and didn't have any reaction to it. He obviously screamed whilst having them done, as I think one of them stings a little. I just comforted him, took his little teddy along and I may have let him have a couple of chocolate buttons when we got home, oops!

  • J cried while they were being done, but only for about 30 secs, and was fine for the rest of the day. He ran a temperature on and off for about 2 weeks afterwards, and he did have a couple of very unsettled nights which I assume were related as normally he sleeps pretty well overnight, and one day at nursery where he was very clingy and teary, which he's not normally. So not the most fun fortnight, but definitely not horrendous either.

  • Our surgery were also taking part in a study, so E had a heel *** test at the same time. I think that bothered her more really.

    She didn't have much of a reaction afterwards, maybe just a little under the weather. They can react (to the measles bit I think) quite a few days afterwards though and come out in a rash.

  • Haha can't say heel p r I c k!!

  • Isla cried for a couple of mins but after that she was fine and she didn't have a reaction either. Chocolate buttons sound like a good idea just in case!! x

  • We did the heel test thingy too (ssomething to do with inherited cholesterol?) and that was lot worse than MMR jabs. Our surgery gave her a biscuit in the waiting room afterwards, which was chuffed to bits with and completely forgot about the jabs!

  • Thanks guys Thanks I know he'll probably forget pretty quickly, just hope we don't get any reactions. I remember taking him for his first jabs and everyone said he'd just sleep it off... He spent the whole afternoon screaming!! At least he's older and more open to bribes now!

  • E screamed for about ten minutes. Then was fine until exactly one week later when she had symptoms like mild measles for three days. Two weeks later she's got a viral rash and is bit whingey.

    Good luck x

  • Just had the letter today for E's, not looking forward to it either! He wasn't too bad for the last ones, so fingers crossed for them both x

  • Disco cried while they were done but that was it and so far no other reaction although our nurse says she errs on the side of caution and you may see a reaction to the MMR up to 4 weeks later but I think she was being over cautious as when I googed most results say up to two weeks after.

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