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he can walk!

i came to collect my 14month old son from my dads the other day expecting to see him bum shuffle to me and bounce and i was stopped in my tracks when he waddled out of the front room pause only to look at me as if to say hey mum and walked down the hall and off in to the kitchen!!! 

I didnt even noo he could walk!!!now he can he thinks hes everybody and if i try and help him he gets extremely angry at me!

I'm now the proud owner of a wobbly waddling toddler....the cutest thing i have ever seen...even if he does try and now yank the fire off the wall!



  • thats brilliant well done to him image
  • Well done to your little one.My first was a bum shuffler,I loved that,none of my others did they all crawled.
    I love the first steps,when they have to concentrate to balance.
    I 'm the not so proud Mum of a large lazy 14 month old who has absolutely no intention of trying to walk cos she doesn't want to.(perfectly capable of standing at the stairgate and shaking it loose)
  • Very good,it's soooo cute seeing them toddle,however unsteady!

    My 2yr old didn't walk til 15mth,and lil budda 12mth now,he has no intention of trying,his brother passes him everything,he still commando crawls too!!!!

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