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Now you have children, how many hours do you work?

Hope no-one minds but I am *so* bored (H is working!) so thought I'd start a thread on something random, but interesting (well, what I deem to be anyway, lol!).

Now you have children -

- How many did you work before?

- How many hours a week do you work?

- Did you change employment after having your children, or are you still with the same employer?



  • I worked full time before, 37.5 hours, I now work 30hours a week over  4 days. I'm still with the same employer but am looking for work elsewhere due to being told I need to work full time to get anywhere there

  • I worked 37 hours a week before then changed to 28 hours over 3 days, I  carried on the same hours after my 2nd,I was with the same employer for4 years but changed jobs last year to work closer to home as I was leaving home at 6am to ease the commuter traffic. I do the same job now but only 10 minutes way from home

  • I worked 39 hours before I had children. After child number 1 I reduced my hours to 24 over 3 days now I work 16 hours over 2 days. Still the same employer

  • Was full time before children (teacher). Went to 0.5 fte (5 mornings) after #1, and then to 0.4 fte (2 full days) after #2. Will be going back in May, hopefully still 0.4, and still at the same school.

  • I worked full time before (mon - fri 9-5, although very rarely left the office as early as 5!) after #1 I went back 0.6 working 3 days. When I go back next September I'll be doing the same although I'm going to try and get one of those from home but that's more to do with our potential house move where my travel costs will double, so trying to help reduce that cost.

    eta: same firm, I think I'd find it difficult to find the same hours elsewhere. I also now make sure I am on the 5pm train in order to get back to nursery on time. I am normally in the office by 7.50 though. 

  • Before children i worked full time as a teacher. After P i went back 3 full days a week and will probably go back to the same after #2, although i might look at the finances of working 2 full days (assuming my school would allow that) I like 3 days, it's a nice balance.

  • I worked full-time before (37.5 hrs) and now work 30hrs having thursdays off, as that fit in with my childcare arrangements.

  • Full time before, though I lost my job when I was 12 weeks so temped through pregnancy taking any work I could. I did end up on a contract which saw me through the last three months of pregnancy which was full time. I had to find a new job when I wanted to return. I work in the same field and do 22.5 hours a wek over three days. I'm taking on a maternity cover in Feb though so will be going up to four full days. I'm not overly thrilled with the increase but it's guaranteed work until Feb 2015 and a manager role so a step up too.

  • Full time before children. That was 35 hours p/w now I'm down to 21 hours for 3 days a week. With the price of child care it wasn't beneficial for me to go back full time. Easy decision to make.

  • I was full time, 37.5 hours a week, now I do 3 days a week, so 22.5 hours. I like the balance, so will probably do the same after number 2 as well.

  • pre children 37.5 as an a&e sister (earlies, lates, nights and twilights)

    after lucas 32 hours in same job and same hospital

    after isaac i returned on 32 for 6 months then got a promotion and now work in a walk in centre, which is a million times busier than my old a&e and i work full time 37.5 hours over 3 days (9.30-2230) which is good as i get 4 days off and a full time wage

    o and i go to uni one day a week too Weep although itl mean when/if we have another that il be a qualified prescriber and will work in quite a senior role which means more money and reducing my hours (and family friendly hours) so there is method in my madness Laugh

  • Full time before, full time after.

    I work compressed hours now though  - up until recently my hours were spread over 4 days now I work 37 hours over 5 days but finish at 12 on a Wednesday and Thursday. My work don't really let people drop to part time.

  • Pre children I worked full time 12.5 hour day and nightshirts, 4 on 6 off. Just as I was stopping to have A the pattern changed but still involved 12.5 days and nights but with less weekends. This was a bit of a nightmare for child are so my H went down to 3 days one week and 4 the next to cover child are. Then the week I stopped to have L he was made redundant. I returned to the same shift pattern when L was 6 months and H was then self employed so worked around me. We decided on me taking voluntary redundancy in June 2012 so the year before I started college 2 days a week to retrain on top of working full time. It was a bit of a nightmare but we managed.

    We are now both self employed and own a gym so it's long hours, late nights and early morning but we mange it between us with 2 other members of staff. I can work anything from 25-45 hours a week now.

  • Worked fulltime 37.5 hrs before kids.  Then went to 21.75 hrs a week (3 full days as not paid for lunch) after no. 1, stayed at the same after no. 2.  Am on a career break now no. 3 is 18 months so can go back to that job in May when he will be 2.2 yrs but am more likely to resign and do something more local, though probably not until he goes to nursery at 3.

  • I used to work full time (as a teacher so not set number of hours) & now only work 2 days a week. Childcare & petrol (25 miles each way) add up to most of my wage so if I'm lucky enough to have a 2nd I might work enough to keep my maternity money (Isobelle would be at least 3 by then so in free nursery) but then I'm hoping to be a stay at home mum & do some kind of craft business. Although that is, if I'm lucky enough...

  • I used to work full-time, 9-5 Monday to Friday. I'll be going back on a 0.5fte contract, working 2.5 days a week (Weds afternoon, Thurs and Fri). Would have preferred either 2 or 3 days at the beginning of the week but my work wanted me to do "a standard jobshare" and we had to fit in with nursery.

  • I worked FT before #1 and then dropped to 3 days a week (Weds - Fri), which I'm still doing, at the same place, after having #2.

  • Worked full time before, now work 18hrs over 2.5 days. Plan at the mo is to continue with that after number 2 arrives, although looking at a business for sale at the mo and wondering if I could do that instead and save on at least some childcare costs.

  • I still work fulltime after having L. :( Jealous of all these lovely hours x

  • I worked full time pre-baby, was a SAHM for 18 months, started working for myself a year ago. Now work about 7 hours a week for more money. Ridiculous. Should have gone self employed years ago but having a baby gave me the push x

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