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Potentially a silly question about BLW and food pouches...

I have every intention of going down the blw route when the time comes. However, I've got a few packs of food pouches with the screw-on spoons and little pots for the freezer etc that were all given to me at my baby shower.

Is there a way of using these or are they just not part of blw?


  • If you decide to go strictly bably led then you wouldn't put a spoon in your baby's mouth - fine for him to do it, but you wouldn't be spoon feeding him at all. You could always give the pouches with something to dip though, so dipping toast fingers into them, or veg sticks. I did mostly finger food/whatever we were having, but did spoon feed some pouches too, as particularly when out and about being able to contain the mess a little worked for me. Personally I'd say do what feels right for you without worrying about labelling it.

  • I'm probably not the best person to answer as we switched to purees and finger foods. I don't think I'm familiar with the pouches you've mentioned so I'm not completely sure what they're like - is there a way that you could put then in a bowl perhaps and let him try to feed himself? I guess it depends how 'strict' you want to be about the whole BLW thing.

  • We're doing BLW and I would load up a few spoons and put them on lo' s tray, then they can pick them up and try! Same with porridge, yoghurt or erratic.
  • Erratic? Weetabix!
  • I guess I'll just have to wait and see how O takes to food first :-)

  • Depending what's in the pouches you can probably use them as a sauce with pasta.

  • My Lo self feeds pouches, he holds them and sucks it up straight out of the pouch - I use the yoghurt ones when we are out and about. However, I'm not a fanatic anyway, I personally think it is missing the point of blw to be so completely strict that you wouldn't ever, ever spoon feed. I spoon feed yoghurt at home - S grabs the spoon and 'helps' and his co-ordination is pretty decent as I let him do it, but if I didn't help at all he would become frustrated, and there is nothing wrong with teaching them about cutlery, and being led by them - the operative word being led!

    Also with the pouches, you can mix them with pasta, spread them on rice cakes etc. so I'm sure you'll get use from them.

  • Thanks Lamby, that sounds pretty realistic :-) x

  • S did the same as Lamby. She still loves to have one now, so i keep one in my bag for emergencies. It's not great for their teeth to suck the fruit ones,  so give a good clean and maybe keep for out and about.

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