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Private scan- Manchester? Anyone got any reccs?

Well the doctor wouldn't refer me for an early scan on the nhs do I'm going to book a private one, does anyone have any recommendations? 


  • We use Babybond for our gender scan, they have locations all over the place.  

  • Thanks jelly baby, I'll check them out online.

  • We went to baby bond too, in stretford. they were very pleasant and the scan was good! Not as cheap as I've heard other places are, but they were professional and friendly.

  • We used Ultrasound Direct and they also have nationwide locations. It was £99.

  • Thanks guys, I've booked the babybond-ultrasound direct in Stretford.  It was £99, which seeems fairly standard tbh.  I originally booked for Tuesday the 14th, but my H is away with work so I've now booked for the 16th.  I am already a bag of nerves.

  • Thanks jelly baby. I suspect I'm going to be a nightmare for these next few weeks.

  • I hope the next 2 weeks fly by for you. I'm actually really surprised that your GP wouldn't send you for one, that's really unsupportive. Sending loads of good luck vibes xx

  • I know misdeedee, she basically said unless I had pain or bleeding they can't refer me. She then spent 10 minutes telling me how common miscarriage is, blah blah blah, at this stage that's not what I want to hear, even though I know it's true!

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