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Not sure if I mentioned on here agggggggggggges ago about a car I'd bought that turned out to be a heap of junk and the dealer I'd bought it from were being as difficult as possible about refunding me any money. It only took 10 months, but I finally got a FULL refund back this month. 

Anyway, the WWYD is I want to leave a review of this dealer warning people to run for the hills. They are truly awful people - think Harry Wormwood meets Boycie and had a lovechild. They have a Google+ page and someone else left a really bad review of them just a few weeks ago, seems they had a similar experience - I wonder if they bought the heap of junk I had! Since this review it's been buried amongst more (what I think are fake) glowing reviews. So I have a cunning plan to leave it somewhere the dealer has absolutely no control over. Or should I just leave it now I have the money?

I wish I'd taken them to court, I would have loved to have seen them on The Sherrif's are Coming.

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