PSA Aptamil ready made cartons

Are only 55p in boots instead of 69p. Not sure how long they will be like that for, it's also on their website.  Saved me a few pounds! 


  • Now that is a good saving.  It still doesn't work out cheaper than the big bottles of Cow & Gate otherwise I'd have been tempted to get some.  Probably not a good idea to mix Aptamil out and about along with C&G at home I guess.

  • JB apparently they are both the same, made by the same company but branded differently. I don't use formula so I haven't looked at the ingredients but I've heard this loads and a quick goggle searched says the same thing.

  • How cAn they do that? Thought they weren't allowed to sell them cheaper? Thanks tho ill see if I can get some this week

  • No idea piggin as that's what I thought!

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