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Reflux experts in here

Hi all
I've just got back from the docs with S. S has been very unsettled recently, crying a lot, sick after feeds and inconsolable at times. Doc thinks he has reflux and has prescribed us losec mups.

I've just been reading though the leaflet which says it is for children over 1, S is only 7 weeks. Has anyone else had this prescribed to their little one or should I contact the docs in the morning to double check?


  • Not heard of that. Is that a typo?! That's really positive your gp recognised the signs. Most medications will say 1+ On them but your gp will know how to use them correctly off license.

    I hope it helps. Most things take a while to kick in so give it a week
  • Losec mups are just a brand of omeprazole. They are easier to dissolve than other brands. This is the best treatment for reflux. F has been on it since 5 weeks and it has saved my sanity. We did have to increase the dose about 12 weeks but apart from that no issues except for a reluctance to nap which may be connected (or not!)
  • Thanks so much for your replys and putting my mind at ease. Fingers crossed it works for us, I seem to have hit a wall and am really struggling at the mo. lack of sleep is not helping so trying to catch up on that.
  • Well done for getting it first time! A was diagnosed with reflux at 3 weeks, she's now 16 weeks and on renatadine and domperidome which are doing nothing. I've been to the doctors today to try and get her on omeprazol as ive heard such good things about it but the doc can't prescribe it for under 1's as its classed as unlicensed so having to go through the paediatrician for it :-( Hope your little one is more settled and happier soon x

  • Thanks for the reply mamaD, sounds like I've been lucky with my doctor!

    JRJ - how did you give your LO the medicine, doc said to dissolve in a little water. I'm just wondering how S will take to the water, was thinking of cup feeding it, pharmacist also gave me a syringe to use if we struggle.
  • I initially tried a syringe but the little balls it dissolves into got stuck so I then added a touch of formula powder and spoon fed it which works much better. Boiling water also helps it dissolve much faster and don't crush the little balls, they need to be solid to work.

  • Thanks JRJ, will see how we get on in the morning. x
  • Hope they do the trick for you Banzy. Like mamad we are stuck on ranitidine and domperidone and S is horrendous at the moment. Back to the gp today...

  • P, sorry to hear you're struggling again to. I had A at the Ooh docs on boxing day, then our own docs Friday, then again yesterday and we're still no better off. I've started filming her when she's having an attack to show how bad she is and making a diary of when and for how long she's screaming for as I feel I need something else in my arsenal! Hope you have more success today x

  • MamaD & popcorn I really hope you get something sorted for your little ones. We've only been dealing with this for a week or so and already finding it very difficult. I really feel for you and hope the docs listen to you soon! Good luck for today PC x
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