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Afternoon Ladies!

Hello to those who remember me and hi to those who don't!

I don't really know where to start except by saying that it's been a life changing few months since I lasted posted here. I thought long and hard about disappearing altogether but then decided that sharing my story and my experience may be helpful for others. One thing that MD/Hitched taught me is that there is a community of people out there that can help you through your toughest times and for that I am extremely grateful and so I return!

Since the death of my daughter Rhema and subsequent counselling I'm nearly back on my feet and it's a good thing too as three weeks ago, H and I found out that I'm pregnant again! I'm now 13+2 and so far everything is ok.

This pregnancy was unplanned, a surprise and totally not what we we're ready for but we've spent three long weeks debating how we're going to deal with this and we're hopeful that with continued counselling and taking things one step at a time, this pregnancy will have a positive outcome. I'm battling a high risk pregnancy. The risk of early onset PE is high and I'm taking clexane injections daily along with aspirin in the hope that if the dreaded PE does return, it's much later and more manageable. If I'm going to be brutally honest, we're not ready for this baby. Emotionally, we're still grieving and the trauma of my daughter's birth hasn't dulled in any way. I'm hoping that as time goes by, this baby will bring back some of the joy I felt when I was pregnant last time.

Until then, I'm here hoping for much of the same support I received when I was pregnant with Rhema and to offer some support to any other High Risk mummies to be. 

A big thanks goes to Bliss and SANDS for all their support and if anyone is suffering with the loss of a child, I recommend you get in touch with them ASAP. 

Congrats to all the new mummies, I'll be catching up over the next few days and hope to reacquaint myself with you all.






  • Raye, it's so nice to see you back and with Rhemas little brother or sister to welcome in a few months. I can't pretend to have any idea what you might be feeling but you know there's others on here who have been through similar then carried another baby to term and I'm sure their experiences will help you. the rest of us will be here to lend an ear xx I'm at a similar stage in pregnancy (14 weeks today) and look forward to you joining us on the tri threads if and when you feel ready.


  • Lovely to see you back Raye and congratulations on your pregnancy.  Like weekender said I can't even imagine what you've been through but we're here for you :-) x

  • Welcome back, I am sorry to hear about what you are going through, congratulations on  your pregnancy  as you have said everyone is  so lovely here !

  • Lovely to see you back. Congratulations with the pregnancy. Take one day as it comes, we are all here for you x

  • Lovely to see you back, I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were getting on xxx

  • So lovely to see you back. I cant begin to imagine what you have been through.  Congratulations on your news. As others have said take each day as it comes and we are all here for you xx

  • Lovely to see you back, especially with such fabulous news.

    I've no doubt you are in a very confused place at the moment but we are all here for you x

  • Rayeraye, I almost posted today to ask if anyone knew how how were as I was thinking about you last week. Another who can't begin to imagine what the last few months have been like but I'm so so glad to see you back here and with such lovely news.

    Sounds like your doing amazingly and I hope that you are doing ok and we can all be here as support for whatever you need. I really am so pleased to see this x

  • Welcome back Raye. Congratulations on your pregnancy and I wish you all the luck and best wishes x

  • I am really happy to see you back R. You and Rhema are often in my thoughts. What wonderful news about her little brother or sister too. I know how scary this pregnancy will be, I couldn't relax until I knew he was in my arms safe, but sounds like you already have tremendous care in place. After my PE starting at 18 weeks with C I was convinced I'd get it again so early but not a sniff! Please hold onto that. Induced at 37 weeks! I am praying for the same for you. Keep strong Hug

  • So pleased to see you here, many congratulations. We're all here for you and wishing you all the best for this pregnancy xx

  • How lovely to see you back and congratulations on your pregnancy; with each week that passes I hope you are able to enjoy it a bit more and think positively. Wishing you lots of love and a smooth pregnancy. xx

  • Great to see you back. I'm sure everything will be fine this time but it doesnt stop you worrying I know.

  • It's lovely to see you back Raye! And congratulations on your pregnancy.  I hope you have a straight forward problem free pregnancy! Xxx

  • Hi RayeRaye, really happy to see you back and hear your lovely news, but can't imagine what a confusing, difficult place you must be in. We are of course here if we can help in any way and I wish you the very best for your pregnancy and beyond x

  • Lovely to see you back RR and congrats on your pregnancy.  Go easy on yourself and take it one day at a time x

  • Lovely to have you back and congratulations x

  • nice to see back under happier circumstances. glad to hear you have a plan in place for your pregnancy. I can only imagine the mixture of emotions you must be feeling. thinking of your tiny baby girl x

  • So nice to see you back and many congratulations. I hope in time the pregnancy can bring you some joy but its more than understandable to be scared. Xx

  • So pleased to see you back with such good news. I can't imagine how worried you must be but hoping this pregnancy goes smoothly for you

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