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S starts pre-school tomorrow and I.....

....cant wait!!

Dont get me wrong, i love him dearly but he is so so ready to go! he is super excited, has his lunchbox all picked and cant wait to show his teachers. It is going to be so good for him to get some independence from me (SAHM so never been to nursery/CM). He did a couple of tasters last term and completely loved it, i cant wait to see how he develops and what he learns.

also, i am really really looking forward to some quality time with the twins to do some age appropriate playing without big bro butting in. to let them learn and explore on their own and have enough hands for the number of children for a few days each week! To perhaps find a baby group to take them to to make some friends their own age too which will be so much more manageable with just them.

and i will confess to being stupidly excited about the twins first nap time tomorrow - i will have 1.5hrs All. To. My. Self!! as time goes on i promise to use this time to do housework and gardening and all other boring things but tomorrow i vow to sit down with a cup of tea and a new book and have some 'me' time. i cant wait!

Anyone else got new starters? either school or pre-school? Are you looking forward to it?


  • Haha love your last paragraph, definitely get yourself some me time!

    My boy started full time school today and I was quite emotional about it, he's been such good company this summer! But I know exactly how you feel (apart from the twins bit) as when he was 2.5 I practically ran to pre-school to drop him off - terrible mother.

  • I don't even have #1 yet, so can't comprehend the feeling, but wanted to say I hope you have THE most fabulous 1.5 hours tomorrow!

  • G starts school next week. She is definitely ready for it! I will really miss her but looking forward to spending time with just me and P.

  • Big H starts school tomorrow.  He's definitely ready and is really looking forward to it.  I actually have the opposite situ to you though as he's only going to be doing half days for a few weeks (I have to pick him up at 12) so I'm losing having little H's nap time to myself for a while (he was previously at nursery 2 days a week).  Enjoy your 1.5 hours tomorrow x

  • O is starting on Thursday and will be going for three 3 hour sessions a week. MIL will be dropping him off on the Thursday and Friday sessions, and I'll do the Monday morning session which means I can have some proper 1-to-1 time with L.

  • a few of us looking forward to 1on1 with younger ones - I think its going to be great all round.

    have just made his lunchbox...probably too much food! got a bit of a 'my baby's growing up' lump in my throat *daft mare icon*. now to get us all out of the house on time tomorrow!

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