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Should I be worried?


I'm 13 w 2 days, and have Hyperemsis Gravidum. The GP has given me tablets which have helped but I'm still vomiting and sleeping 16+ hours a day. I think it's either my bodies defence mechanism as I tend not to vomit whilst asleep, but start as soon as I wake up. Or much as I try, I'm struggling to keep  500- 1000 calories a day and bodies just so weak it can't stay awake.

Despite it all my 12 week scan was fine, although I am sleeping more since then. Should I be worried? Or just live with it?

Thanks BLL x


  • If you're struggling to function I'd go back to the doctors or hospital. There's a lot of different anti sickness medications so another might be better for you and perhaps you need some fluids to perk you up a bit. Sounds awful x

  • You poor thing, sounds awful. Are you keeping fluids down?  Not that I know much on this but I think Doctors tend to get concerned if you're not. Though to be honest I think if it were me I'd be going back to the Doctors anyway to see if there's any anti-sickness medication they can give you? Hope you feel better soon!

  • I'd call ooh to be honest, they might want to give you ov fluids and try other tablets, it doesn't sound right. I'm sure baby will be ok but you can't continue like that xx

  • Thanks got all your support. After they have me the tablets I have been able to keep fluids down. I just feel so weak and sorry for myself. I'm going to go back to the docs in the morning and go from there.

    I just needed reassurance I wasn't being a drama queen. So many people keep saying how you just have to live with morning sickness, but I feel like I've been run over by a bus xx

  • Sorry that should have been thanks for a your support not 'got' x

  • You're definitely not being a drama queen. I have been keeping fluid and one meal a day down and I've felt horrendous. I really hope it eases for you soon x

  • You don't have morning sickness though, I promise you're not being a drama queen. The baby will be fine, it's taking nutrients from you but that means you're existing on v few calories, no wonder you fee, shocking.

  • That sounds the pits. Good luck with the doctor, hope you make some progress.

  • I think you need to try some different tablets. I was on metoclopromide and this is exactly how I was. Just sitting on the sofa was exhausting, all I could do was lie in bed and even then lifting my head was sometimes a struggle. My energy levels returned (within reason considering I wasn't eating!) as soon as I stopped taking them. Try and see your GP ASAP to get a new prescription.

    And baby will be fine. You feel so ragged because its getting everything and leaving nothing for you. I was on a severly restricted diet for 8 months nearly and E was 8lbs 7oz!

    Huge hugs lovely X

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