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Size 4 nappies

How long was your LO in size 4's? O is 15months and seems to have been in them forever! I get the monthly subscribe and save box from Amazon but use active fit during the day and the baby dry at night so when I order they probably last about 2 and a half months, is he likely to grow out of them in the next couple of months?


  • I'm sure he moved up too size 5 at 17 months, had to move the pampers at night up a size a bit earlier as I found they come up smaller than some other brands. There isn't much difference between 4 and 4+ so I would prob go for the bigger ones so they last you longer

  • Sorry, should have said its 4+ I buy as I didn't notice and difference in size but I thought they would be more absorbent for night! Is there a big difference between the 4+ and 5?

  • I have found there was, at 18 months we are just in size 5 in the day and have been in size 5 at night (pampers) for about a month. I would buy the size 5's and try them if they start leaking etc then go back to smaller boxes of 4's as at least you can use them again later

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