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Sofa leopard and bluewater in here!

Hello to you nosey lot who couldn't resit looking in ;)

I've been talking to my h and convincing him with the help of YouTube!

SL - can I have the connecta please :)

BW - can I have the moby please :)

Thanks :)


  • I'm nosey!! Hehe!!

    Yay to sling buying! I had a moby with P and i adored it. I Think i'm going to get a connecta too this time, for when baby is a bit bigger.

  • I knew some people would look! I always do!

  • Yay a post for me! (I always look too! ROTFL)

    Moby is yours - wont be able to post until early next week as am busy all weekend - are you on the FB group so I can send you PayPal details and get your address?

    Connecta is a good choice - I love mine.

  • I'm not in too much of a rush! I don't have a baby yet and I'm not sure the cats will let me play! Yes I'm in the FB group, just give me a shout on there!

  • Oh... And thanks! :)

  • Another nosy one, yeah to sling buying.  SL's Connecta is gorgeous.  I mentioned to H that I was thinking of buying it and he gave me <that> look so i thought I better not.  

  • Yay, you will love the Connecta I promise! Will find you on the FB group...

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