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SPD and labour! how did it affect yours?

As above really, if you had spd how did it affect your birth and is there Anything I need to do???


  • Funnily enough I was ok in labour regarding spd. I was able to hoist my hips into the stirrups during the end of labour and it seemed to disappear. Guess thatcould be down to the pain was in other areas!!

  • I had no SPd pain in labour despite suffering a lot during pregnancy . However I had a traumatic birth and am still suffering now 10 months on. So just be careful during labour as SPd pain doesn't always disappear :(

    Really hope you have no problems :) x

  • Oddly none despite suffering in pregnancy. Id planned a water birth as I thought it'd be easier to move about and less pressure on my hips but in the end there was no time. I'm suffering more spd wise this time and I'm hoping to get in the water!
  • WEES about not noticing during labour plus it was amazing to not feel it after either!

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