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Talk to me about Tummy Time.

F is almost 12 weeks but he hates it. He lies with his face on the bed, mat, whatever and tries to push himself forward with his legs! He can lift his head and turn it to the side with apparent great effort even though he has good head control when sitting on my knee. If I put him over the playnest he will lift this head. I have I affected his development but not persisting with tummy time? 


  • Neither of mine have liked tummy time, particularly C who would scream as if she was in pain, so I used to lie them on my chest instead. Incidentally, C never crawled, but S has just started at 9 months. I used to think the reason  C never crawled was down to me not persisting with tummy time, but it's made no difference to S. I think that what is important is that they spend some time on their front, this can be on your chest or play nest etc. I don't think they need to necessarily be forced to lie flat on their face if they hate it, but that's just my opinion.

  • If they cry then just turn him back and try again another time. Yes they can hate it, N was alright for a bit before he started crying so we just turned him back again. You can put a towel under his tummy to prop him up a bit.

  • I found it was a case of slowly building up the amount of time they could tolerate it, also wait a while after feeding. To begin with I used to prop A up on a V pillow so was on her tummy but head not flat on the floor

  • I never really bothered and Alex is fine, he is only 7 months but he isn't behind in anything IMO. He did/does spend a fair amount of time in a sling and I've been told that if you do this, it isn't so important to worry about tummy time.

  • A wasn't keen to begin with and didn't really lift himself up.  WE got him this: which really seemed to help him get the idea, and just played with him on it for a little bit every day.  He's brilliant on his tummy now!

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