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Thankyou Sofa Leopard, Cherry Pie and Bridget Gump

Huge thankyou for your comments on my post. 

H hasn't been out so still don't have my cabbage but I did have a hot shower and massaged my boobs under the water which helped. 

Midwife came round and I said we were struggling with latch but persevering. She asked if i wanted her to look and was about to feed anyway so she watched and was more than happy with the way A was trying so hard to latch. I said I wanted to try rugby ball style and she helped, said it looked the most comfy for me (she also saw me trying to cross-cradle and had suggested I lay her up my front), and she latched on and had a few sucks. She did then spit out and struggle again. 

However, just done the next feed and we tried rugby ball on the left again. She did the same as with the midwife. We then had 10ml EBM finger feed and then thought I'd try the right side and couldn't believe my eyes when she latched first time and sucked for about 2 minutes! Such a proud mummy this afternoon. I can't believe how far she's come along since yesterday. 

CP  - The lady who did the snip yesterday, runs a breastfeeding support group which I am going to start going along to. 

Thanks all again for your suggestions. A is absolutely amazing, and the midwife said I'd done so well to keep going through all the hurdles. 


  • What a wonderful update TSC - glad things are working out.  xx

  • Well done for persevering through all that, sounds like you've got some brilliant support there!  

    Great to hear A's latching now after having her TT snipped, hope your BF journey continues to be easy for you after your difficult start. xx

  • Thanks DD, going to write our story up when I get chance as it's been so positive that I think it could be helpful for others.

  • Fabulous update, well done you and A!

  • Oh what a fab update! Sounds like you are both doing brilliantly, I reckon you'll still be BFing at a year...

    Keep asking questions and getting support, it really does make all the difference.

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