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Thursday night time thread

night all! (As is morning hello but night hello not bye!)

hope you're all getting lots of sleep. M went down at 8.30 last night and woke up about 20 mins ago! :O I'll take that! She's now self settling in HER own cot by sucking her fist (a thumb isn't enough for my girl! ;) ). I'll take that too!! 

i do hope this is a sign of things to come! :) much better than the half hourly wake ups we've had all week *sob*

I met a mummy at a group last week and we've been invited for cake and to meet other mummies at their house :) I'm going to meet more mummy friends! I feel like a kid starting school! My RL friends are busy working during the day. 


  • Wow custard that's brilliant sleeping, well done M!! Lovely that you've been invited for cake with the mummy's too x

    We've not had too bad a night either, I fed S at 11.15 and he settled back down by 12.15 and has just woken. So much better than the last few nights! Hopefully he'll settled back down again for an hour or so before I have to get up to take I to nursery. Then I'm off shopping with my dad today.

    This threads very quiet tonight so hopefully that's because you'r
  • I was too tired to post in the night. A had a feed at 10 then again at 3 as usual but woke again at 5am. Way too early. Its normally 7.

    Its gonna be a long day
  • She then slept until 7, fed and changed and just having a cuddle. She's all sleepy so I think she'll go back :)

  • Great news custard!

    F slept 9- 3.30, then 4-7.30. Ill take that!

    Hope the thread was quiet because all the lovely babies were sleeping!

  • Custard & Gem, I'm so jealous! O did 7:40 to 10:45 then woke at 1 & 4 xx

  • Enjoy your mummy's tea Custard!

    banzy- that is a good night! Enjoy your shopping!

    LP- i was too sleepy too!!

    gemini that's great

    BE- did u sleep during the first sleep?

    E had s feed at 8:30 & fell asleep in her pram. H went tobed about 11 but her next feed wad due about 11:30 so i stayed up. Mistake! She was not waking up. I had an hour on the sofa then took her up in her pram just after one, then she woke just before 3. I wad knackered but after her feed i couldn't get back to sleep and she
  • ...just before 7! My mum is here and she came down just as i was finishing her feed, took E and sent me back to bed for a couple of hours!!
  • Yes I did go to bed just before 9 Mrs Bass. Great that E had a long sleep, shame you didn't benefit from it and you had an early start! Xx

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