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Tuesday First Tri

Morning ladies! 

Im feeling an absence of symptoms again, I'm sure it's all fine as the placenta is doing more work now, I just want it to be next Thursday though so I have the reassurance! I got sent a consultant appt after the mw mistakingly worked out my son was low birth weight and rang yesterday about but she said keep it as he could still be low birth weight. I think it's all nonsense so I'm hoping the consultant agrees with me and I only have to see her once. I very much want a home birth and don't want any unnecessary intervention. 



  • Isis, how far along are you (sorry, I'm not really familiar with everyone yet)? I'd probably keep the appointment if it wasn't an inconvenience.

    I've barely any sickness and am now-super-tired, it's like it all switched round over a 2 day timeframe. Weird. Still convinced there's a problem, but still trying to do everything right  (which has got me out of the rest of the glossing, lol)

  • Morning,

    Isis try not to worry, not long until your scan. Symptoms ease off at around 10/11 weeks don't they? Or never appear in my case! When do you see the consultant? Hopefully they will not want to get involved, FIngers crossed.

    AFM, sorry I didn't have a chance to get back on yesterday. We were so excited after the scan that we went to my parents to break the news. They were over the moon as were H's parents. It feels like such a relief to see the little thing with such a strong heartbeat too. They dated me at 13+2 weeks so I've lost a week of my life but that's ok.

    So here are the pics...


    Sorry if they are massive.

  • Morning Counter, sorry I missed you there. Tiredness is a symptom. It was really the only one I had and I was shattered all the time up until recently.

  • Great pics! I bet the oldies were thrilled!!!!

  • I'm 11+1 (scan date) or 10+3 (lmp), I have my 12w scan next Thursday and then the consultant appt is on 22nd, H will have to work so I've asked my mum to come, she was my birth partner first time so I'm quite glad she's coming with me.

    Counter, tiredness has been my main symptom all along, not anaemic but some days just exhausted from normal household jobs!

    LD, ace pics! And wonderful all the grandparents were thrilled :) what's your edd?

  • Morning ladies, hope you are all well :)

    Isis, not long till your scan. Sounds daft about the consultant appt when it was just the mw not calculating properly, but hopefully it'll just be a formality to get discharged from them.

    Counter, the exhaustion continues here, roll on 2nd tri eh!

    LD, fab pics you must be so happy. What due date did they give you?

    All ok here apart from more pink tinged discharge but I'm trying not to think about it. My scan is 10 days away now so just trying to get myself through to that without having a nervous breakdown! Off to a farm with M and some friends this morning, packing later as M and I are going to see my mum for a week so need to get sorted for that. Then H and Iare going to a wwedding tonight. My excuse for not drinking is I'm taking the car and it's a Tuesday Ffs Laugh

    Hi to all coming on later. Have we any more scans this week? Sweetpea maybe? Can't think of others but my memory is awful these days! Then think there are quite a few next week. It's all go!!

  • Morning all.

    isis - sounds silly about theconsultant but hopefully you can be discharged quickly.

    counter - try to stay positive., and remember 1 day at a time. x

    LD - yay to a fab scan picture. mustbe such a relief, so pleased for you.

    weekender - gosh thats a busy day! Enjoy! Hopefully it'll take your mind off the CM which i'm sure is nothing.

    AFM - Got a GP appointment this afternoon which i guess is the firststep in making this official. I really dont think its sunk it yet at all that its real. Still full of cold which is not fun and think P is either getting it or is getting another molar as she kept waking up screaming last night. SO unlike her as she's an awesome sleeper but i ended up spending half thenight slkeeping on her floor, not ideal! Sickness still not reappearred but am uber tired so taking that as a good sign and trying to stay positive.

  • Spoke to midwife about more pinky/red and she suggested I ring the EPU. Which I really didn't want to do. I feel bad taking up resources, I know that might sound weird but because I've been convinced this pregnancy is a non-starter I feel as though I should chill and wait for nature. If they say I'm pregnant there's nothing anyone can do about it anyway. I think I am a bit of a wreck! I haven't done a stroke of work since last Monday morning, can't concentrate and I'm like a tit in a trance.

  • If she suggested ringingthe EPU then there isno harm in doing so. I went there with P and they are so lovely. Which is your nearest hospital?

  • William Harvey in Ashford. I hate it there, lol. I tried calling but they're busy. I'll try again, I just feel like I'm overreacting :)

  • You have to do what you think is best really. What you have to bear in mind is that even if they see you for a scan,you won't see a heartbeat at this point. I know for me that would just add to uncertainty but if you think it'd help then see what they say. WIll they see you from self referral? Ours will only see you with a GP/MW referral but might be different at WH. My local one is Pembury.

  • Hi girls, am delivering training all week so on a v quick coffee break. I just wanted to pop on and encourage counter to keep phoning epu - I felt the exact same way about using resources but its women who are concerned in early pregnancy who these resources are for I.e you!! Don't feel bad in the slightest. They will be lovely and it will give you peace of mind. I was convinced something wasn't right too but I was wrong. Keep phoning! Xx

  • Yes, they'll self refer. And you're right about the heartbeat. That's why I booked my early scan no earlier than 7 weeks. I think I'll ring (again) and get their advice. :)

  • The lady was lovely! She said it's probably an implantation bleed, or an irritation to the cervix. When I mentioned my thrush she said it's all the more reason not to worry about blood. She told me to relax (lol) and said unless there's VERY heavy blood, and/or clots, to assume everything is as it should be.

    If it's still like it at 6 weeks give them a ring and they'll scan me.

  • Fab, i hope that puts your mind at ease a little. xx

  • So do I! Thanks for the support AR :)

  • Good stuff counter - hope you're feeling a wee bit better!

  • Afternoon guys, sorry no personals as on my phone. Looks like a few newbies since I last posted lovely to see AR as she was my fountain of temping knowledge while ttc!

    Have avoided coming on here too much as nothing really to report, symptoms have never really appeared which is worrying me, and I am struggling to be positive, fear H is going to beat me with a happy stick to try and cheer my up!

    Anyway 7 weeks today and off for another scan Thursday, got my booking in appointment through for 19th this morning too so plenty coming up to keep me occupied.


  • Weekender, hope you enjoy the farm and the wedding. Shouldn’t be too hard to get away with not drinking on a Tuesday. Not too long to your scan now.

    AR, Sorry you’ve got a cold urgh and a poorly girl. No sickness is probably a blessing now.

    Counter, the resources are there to be used. Glad the EPU were supportive. Sounds like there’s nothing to worry about. Although easier said than done. Hope you feel a little better.

    PP, I didn’t have any symptoms except tiredness but everything was fine.

    AFM, thanks everyone. I can’t believe it’s a real baby haha. EDD is 8th Feb.

  • Isis - you're definitley getting to the palcenta taking over point, hopefully the Consultant is good and you get your home birth - I don't think I'd dare!

    Counter fluctuations in symptoms seem normal! I'm just focusing on each milestone as it comes along to get throguh these first few weeks - it's really tough! Glad you rang the EPU don't worry about taking up resources it's what they're there for and even a tiny bit of reasurance is worth it.

    LD what a fantastic piture! Glad you've been to tell the parents - good willpower keeping it to yourselves that long.

    Weekender I'm sure the pink discharge could just be that things are being distured in there by the little one, and a wedding on a Tuesday how bizzare! We have one on a wednesday next year (a whole 8 weeks after my EDD if all goes to plan!) and H is best man - I'm thinking of taking my Mum along for babysitting ...

    AR oh no poor P hope she feels better soon and you get more sleep - not what you need right now!

    Hi SP hope the training is going well for you

    PP nice to see you! I know it's easy to say but try not to be too down, you saw two heartbeats on the scan which is a big step. Hope you're looking after yourself lovely it sounds like your H is being good xx

    AFM 7 weeks today! Pretty much all day nausea on and off but it's not debilitating just there really and I haven't actually been sick although did wretch when I tried to eat my cereal this morning. I defintiely need to up my calcium as I drink hardly any milk and don't eat much cheese. Early scan on Friday so 3 days to go - H will be out of contact from Friday to Sunday so looking forward to hopefully giving him some good news. xxx

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