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What are your toddlers wearing to bed?

Oh dear! Our first night with a duvet is not going well. E has already woke twice and I'm wondering if maybe she's too hot. I've dressed her how I would normally (long sleeve vest and a sleepsuit) but normally she'd be in a 2.5 tog grobag and her duvet is 4 tog. What are your toddlers wearing to bed if they have a duvet? Thanks x


  • P wears what she was wearing in a sleeping bag. Long sleeve vest and pjs, she has a few pairs. Couple of sleepsuit Ives and done tops and bottoms. No idea what tog her duvet is actually! Even if your duvet is thinker is have thought not as warm as bag because it's more drafty. Have you got other pjs you could try? Or take her vest off? Is she still in a cot? P didn't have a duvet until she went into a bed as bags are less hassle!!
  • wARs...O is still wearing the same long sleeve vest/pj combo he did with sleeping bags, to no I'll effect. Does she feel hot?

  • Thanks both! She felt hot when I picked her up but she does tend to run warm. We're putting her in a toddler bed at the weekend so I thought I'd try her with a duvet to get her used to it (she fell asleep on my lap watching in the night garden so I couldn't have got her in her grobag without waking her so took it as a sign to give it a go!) she's got some pj's so I might try her with those tonight - I know if my feet are hot I can't sleep so maybe having her feet uncovered might do the trick!

    Can I ask another question please? What do you do about nap time? Do you take any layers off at all or use something different? I used to have a 1 tog for day time naps so unsure what to do with a duvet! x

  • Nap time she has her duvet and whatever shes wearing but no jumper/cardi

  • O just has same for naps, and whatever he is wearing...if he's a bit warm I'll take his trousers off

  • J wears PJ's, and a vest (a "proper" vest, not a poppered one), or his onesies (character type onesies, not babygrow type ones).

    He has a very thick duvet (not sure of tog), and he just uncovers himself if he gets warm, and covers himself up if he gets cold.

    Nap times, he just wears whatever he is wearing.

  • Molly has gone on PJ strike at the moment and insists on sleepy naked Laugh she is very hot naturally though and just like her Dad and Lauren, who both wear the minimum to bed!

  • My little boy wears a proper vest and pyjamas to bed and has a 4 tog duvet on for bed.  He doesn't nap through the day at all and if he does fall asleep in the car, he sleeps in whatever he is wearing

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