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Nappies - night time change

Continuing with my theme of nappy related posts today!

do you change after every feed at night? or  only if there is poo? I change at every feed (even at night, plus in between if there is poo obviously!) as M had an episode of thrush a few weeks ago so don't want him sitting in a wet nappy at night for longer than he needs to be. But I know quite a few people who don't change at all overnight unless there is poo.....

so am just curious :)



  • With Isobelle I'm sure I changed her regularly in the night & I did in the early days with Rafferty but don't now unless it's a poo. Reason is if he wakes in the night he's usually starving hungry & would scream if I changed him before feeding him (probably waking everyone else up) & then feeding (usually) makes him drop off to sleep so I wouldn't want to interfere with that!!

  • I was just about to ask the same thing! We've started dream feeding and so last night Olivia slept from 10pm - 6am, so we did t change her in that time, although it was only wet. We are in cloth so no idea if that makes it better/worse.

  • I'm impressed with 10-6 saffron! Very nice! I have attempted to dream feed M but if he's asleep his lips are firmly clenched shut lol

    Blackkat - we have a similar situation here, waking at night = crying for food but feeding = falling asleep lol I've been tolerating the crying for now but  wondering if I should just leave him!

  • She's not well at the moment so I think she really needed a good sleep. Dream feeds are prompted by her rooting in her sleep, little grubber! Smile

  • Hahah well when you're hungry you gotta eat lol poor thing, what's up? Cold?

  • I did at first when he was little but stopped and just did it when it was dirty. We use cloth and it's fine, S goes 12hrs and it doesn't bother him.

    Hope O gets better soon saffron.

  • Yes, just a little cold. She's been crying in her sleep, causing mummy to cry Sad Her little nose is so blocked, but saline drops and nasal aspirator are helping, she's pretty much just slept for 24hrs now, only waking to feed. Poor baby.

  • Oh bless her - hope she feels better soon!

  • I only change if they've had a poo

  • I only change if dirty.

  • I only ever changed W at night if his nappy was dirty.  My mum said told me that if i changed his bum at night just because it was wet, i could end up waking him even more and he'd be a nightmare to settle again, so I only changed it if it was dirty.  Now with him being older, we only change at night if we have an accident as he tends to need his whole cot bed stripped and remade, which can be a pain. (I've noticed this only happens when daddy changes his nappy before bed and W can be quite wriggly and hard to get a nappy on at times)

  • How old is M JJ? When O was little I changed him at every feed plus for a dirty nappy at any other point. He suffered terribly with wind though and would fall asleep without winding when he was feeding and then be screaming in pain, plus he also hand a tendency to fill his nappy when he was eating so I just changed him after a feed and lifting him up off the mat tended to help him burp too and then I would just cuddle him in back to sleep. I did this until he was sleeping through.

  • Missdeedee - he's 6 weeks old this week.  

  • Well we tried the no change unless dirty last night .......his sleeping bag and clothes were damp with urine this morning and that was with wearing a pampers that are the most absorbent for his wee of all the nappies we tried".........oh well, looks like we'll carry on changing for now! (He only wakes once in the night so not a massive problem, just have to put up with the crying lol)

  • It may be worth looking at cloth for night only, I know some people do this. Olivia is a heavy wetter and we can get 8hrs easy without even boosting extra.

  • I'll give that a look actually saffron. When we've been changing in the night, the longest he's gone is 6hs as that's the longest chunk he sleeps fo. Whereas yesterday, by not changing him  it upped it to a 12 hours, so considerably more. I don't think I could go up a size even as he's only just in in size 2 pampers and I don't think they do a 2+. I have a friend who used cloth on her two, she might lend me a few to try. (Although having said that I think she actually puts her son in disposable overnight because she finds that cloth won't hold his wee even with boosting extra lol!)

    At the moment it's not a massive problem as he wakes anyway, so not a big bother to change him (although my ears might think otherwise lol)  but obviously as he sleeps longer I don't want to wake him to change him.........what ones do you use?

  • Something like Little Lamb bamboo would be perfect for night time, I think they do 5 for £25 which would be plenty, and they come with a booster each so you could just use two in one nappy, although one booster gets us through the night currently. You're friend is mostly likely using all in ones which are more convenient but less absorbent.

  • Thanks I will have a look!!

  • JJ at 6 weeks I think I would be changing at 6hrs, O only started going 12 hours in a nappy when he started really sleeping through in his own room by which point he was in size 3 or 4's and I used the + at night. I think 12 hours is a lot to go for that small a nappy. At 6 weeks O was feeding every 4 hours and I changed him on every feed. You could change him after he feeds and then just cuddle him in to sleep? He's less likely to be screaming if he's not hungry x

  • I wondered that MDD, but Olivia feeds lying down and falls asleep mid feed. If I change her due fully wakes and then can be an hour or more trying to rock her back to sleep. It's very audible when she dirties her nappy so I now only change through the night if dirty.

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