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Shy Hello

Hello ladies,

Ive plucked up the courage to post & introduce myself.

Im a 37 yr old ady TTC my first child. I suffer with PCOS & had 2 mcs with a previous partner 7 years ago. After feeling like it would never happening finally met my lovely OH & we both decided the time is now right to give our best shot at starting a family. Ive just been re-refered to my Gynie as last time i was give Clomid as i fail to ovulate naturally. 

Im excited but obviously a little scared because of previous MCs & the fact im now a little older. I hoped id be able to connect with ladies TTC to share & support each other. Its nice to be able to relate to others who know how im feeling.

I guess im just hoping to make new friends so my journey doesnt feel so lonely!

Hope you are all blessed with BFPs very soon xx


  • Hello LuckyStar37.

    I've been looking for blogs/threads that I could join as I need to talk to people trying to conceive like me.

    I'm 31years old and my husband and I have been trying for over 2 years now. I'm not always ovulating so I've had my first IUI treatment 2 weeks ago. (clomid + injection to trigger ovulation +  insimination).

    I should find out this week if I am pregnant, and whist last week I thought I could feel I was, I'm not quite sure anymore. 

    My tummy is not very pleased with me but I eat lots of fruits (too many event) so this might well be the cause.

    Have you started clomid ?

  • Hi ladies hope your both ok  I am 31 years old and I am currently on 3rd month on clomid i am on it as I don't ovulate naturally  

  • I got a negative test back last week so I'm going to have to start clomid again.. arfff... seems like it's never gonna work.
    Do you do IUI Shellystar ?

  • Sorry to here about your negative test. At the moment I am just on clomid 100mg tablets have to go back to the gyine next month to see if I have been ovulating on these.  I have been on them before had my little girl in 2010 she was a clomid baby got pregnant at 5th month last time so it does work hope it will work for you good luck 

  • thank you Shellystar

  • Let me no how u get on will you have to do the IUI every month? 

  • Yes I am meant to do 3 iui treatment and then if not working, 1 IVF.
    Hoewever I cannot do the 2nd iui this cycle as I am going on holiday. Maybe the hot weather will make it work naturally image
    So the clomid you take, is it only for a few days like we do with the iui or do you take it constantly ?

  • Yes just take it day 2 of period till day 6 

  • I didn't know that for some people, they only had clomid. As well as this from day 2 to day6, I've had a trigger shot and insemination.


  • Yes I am just on clomid but I don't no if its working just waiting now till I go back and see gynie to see if I have been ovulating 

  • fingers crossed. Keep me posted

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