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First response test, very very faint line

I took 2 clearblue plus test and they both came out positive. I went to the clinic and it came out negative, so I bought a First response test and it shows a very faint line. Is it positive?


  • Hiya, it's looks very faintly positive to me!! Did it come up within the time frame? I did one of those that turned positive a few hours after I'd done it but I wasn't pregnant. But if it was positive within the time limit, then congrats!!! Maybe wait a few days before going to the doctors as their tests aren't as sensitive. Good luck!!! xx

  • Yes it did come out within the time frame

     i'll wait a couple of days for the doctors office. Thank you!!
  • imageimage Could this be a BFP?  I took this test 1 day ago . I'm not sure if it's an evaporation line or a positive. my period is supposed to be here tomorrow . Please help !

  • imagejust wanted a another opinion took this morn 6 bpd there is faint second line wondered if it's too early that's why it's faint or just wishful thinking 

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