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Talkback: Toddler gets head stuck in portable potty


  • We frequently have  arms/legs between the bars at the back of our wooden chairs.They're wider at the top so they get them in their but somehow they never remember they'll get stuck.Usually manage to get them out ,Arwen did it Mother's Day.I had to cover her foot in Fairy liquid,rather spoilt my lie in.

    Someone had their foot stuck in the toilet,think that was Arwen again because of how she climbs on it.

    Bridie got a toy train stuck in her hair.

    Oh Arwen again,stuck in the dollies highchair.

  • ouch i feel the pain there, my cousin rode a battery thomas over my head didnt get stuck but pulled it nasty, poor thing, do i dare ask how?

    arwens a serial offender then lol!image

  • Bridie put the Happyland battery train in her hair,don't know why.Had to cut it out .Daddy was babysitting.

    When Arwen got  her foot stuck in the back of the chair  guess who was in charge again.

    Guess who had to come to the rescue.

  • sounds about right, my mum was watching jack when his hand got stuck, she thought he was passing her the shapesorter and as i walked into the room dragged him over! image
  • lol!

    jacks got his hand stuck in a shapesorter i just greased it up and managed to wriggle it through. took a while but i avoid a+e at all costs, too long sitting around.

     when i was in middle school i got a lab stool stuck over my head, (class clown was a bit stupid) hurt like hell having it yanked off.

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